What do I need to know about a scalp injury?

An injury to the scalp is a bump, blister, growth or scaly patches. An injury can also be an area of ​​the skin that has a different color or texture than the surrounding skin. You can have an injury anywhere on the scalp. It can itch, bleed, hurt or be full of fluid. Hair may break off or fall around the scalp lesion.

What can cause a scalp injury?

The cause of the scalp injury may not be known; Or, the cause can be any of the following:

Injury, like a blow to the head

Bacterial, viral or fungal infections, or cancer

Chemicals from shampoos or hair products

Vitamin deficiencies, inflammatory skin conditions or poor blood circulation

How is a scalp injury diagnosed?

The diagnosis of a scalp lesion is made by a doctor observing the scalp. A sample of the lesion fluid may show the existence of bacteria, a virus or a fungus. A biopsy can show if the cause of your scalp injury is cancer.

How are scalp injuries treated?

Treatment depends on the cause of the skin lesion. You may need medicine to treat a bacterial or fungal infection. You may also need the best shampoo for scalp sores and medicinal creams to treat scalp injuries. You may need to undergo light therapy. Surgery may be necessary to remove the lesion.

How can I control the scalp injury?

Use a soft brush. Brush your hair gently to prevent the blood scalp injury or become irritated.
Do not scratch the lesion on the scalp. It can make the scalp blood. It can also spread bacteria or infection to other parts of the scalp.

Do not use chemicals or hair dyes. Treatments with hair dyes and chemicals can worsen the scalp injury. Wait until the scalp injury has healed or until your doctor authorizes it.

Use a mild soap to wash your hair. If you have not been instructed to use a medicinal shampoo, ask the doctor which shampoo is better.

Always wear sunscreen or a wide-brimmed hat when in the sun. This will help prevent skin cancer in the scalp.

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