Our marriages are constantly being confronted with different challenges. Are we finding answers? Are the problems being curbed or rising? It would be difficult to actually answer this question without examining the state of lot's of marriages we have in our society. This issue would be addressed in this writeup.

A question that seems to get me thinking is this. Can we say that the challenges marriages are facing today are more than those faced by past marriages? The rise in occurrences of infidelity in marriage makes me wonder if it is caused by the increase in problems currently being faced by marriages.

My opinion after critical review of this matter is that there is no increase in the challenges faced by marriages these days. I can just say that the manner in which we take these challenges have changed.

One of the most basic rules you learn about every relationship is that it requires communication to sustain it. The one way to develop proper communication in a marriage is to spend quality time together. Here now is the crux of the matter. More time is spent today at our work places than at home. It is therefore no wonder that lot's of the cases of infidelity occur with co-workers.

I recently discussed this with a friend and he pointed out something to me. This was the result of a study. It was found out that a high percentage of couples who had Tv sets in their bedrooms were likely to have marriage challenges. The reason given was that if an issue becomes really intense, one of the couple could simply just ignore the discussion and focus on the television. If the television were not there, the couple may have had no choice but to resolve the issue no matter how heated it got.

We've just been shown a little thing that can have grave consequences on our marriages. We're always in the midst of so much to choose from by way of distractions. A lot of people are currently attempting to learn how to cope with infidelity because a spouse saw an affair as an alternative to take when things were not going right.

In the past, there were not too many options. People either went to a bar or simply took a walk when upset. Your options today are simply so much. You can opt for the social media, television or the internet. I've many times met folks who are in the company of their partner and are busy on a social media network chatting with someone else. How crazy is this?

One thing I know is our biggest issue today is managing our time well so we can create time for our partners. We have to begin to have periods we turn off our tablets, televisions etc and just talk with our spouses. These devices were made to make our lives simpler and not to kill our relationships.

Everything has always been an issue of choice and this is no different. You need to choose if you want to sustain your marriage by making time for it.

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