As you are on the road to financial recovery, paying off debts is usually the focus of your plans. However, to effectively eliminate your debts and make sure you never land on the same situation again, you have to address the different reasons why you got there in the first place.

In truth, credit card debts are the easiest to fall into. The idea of being able to purchase something that you cannot afford at the moment is very tempting. It gives you the illusion that you can spend beyond your means.

Well that is the problem - you should not spend above your means. That will really get you to fall further into debt. Think about it. You are putting your payment capabilities on a future income that has yet to arrive, your finances can crumble.

Take for example the recent recession. A lot of people got into so much trouble because the need to settle for low paying jobs or closure of businesses left them unable to meet their usual financial obligations. With a limited budget and a choice between buying basic necessities and paying off debt, the latter is usually sacrificed.

Another scenario that can lead to your credit card debt is when you are faced with an emergency situation that you are not prepared for financially. A lot of us may have savings but one illness or accident can wipe that out in a matter of months. You will never really know how much savings you should have but ideally, your savings should be able to tide you over comfortably for at least 6 months. Given the economic hit that the country recently experienced, experts are suggesting that you should aim for an amount that can help you survive for a year.

When the bad economy or a sudden emergency left people with a short supply of cash, they turned to credit cards to help them pay off even the most basic necessities like food, medicine and other expenses. Credit card debts are hard to get out of because your balance grows at an alarming rate because of the interest rate and other charges. Once you miss a payment, the additional charges increase further.

Ultimately, our spending habits fuel our use of credit cards. And that spending habit is influenced by our society - and more directly, by our peers. Our family and friends play a huge role in our lifestyle choices. If they are more financially blessed than you, then you naturally try to keep up with them in order to save face. That is a bad way to manage your finances and can lead you to make wrong justifications to living beyond your means.

Bottom line is, you only have yourself to blame for your credit card debts. While there may be reasons that are beyond your control, the use of the credit cards during a time of prosperity will help define how you can deal during times of financial famine. To address the real problem of your debts, you need to learn how to manage your finances well. That includes having a budget and spending plan. Both of these will help identify if your money is going to the right expenses. It also allows you to see if you are living within your means.

So with that, you know that the root cause of that billing statement that you hold every month points to you. Start making the right choices in your spending. Frugality is a must to live a debt free life. Learn how to live that way and you should be fine.

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