Getting registered on Amazon and opening a seller account is quite easy, but to maintain the account as a profitable seller for a long time is very tough, yet possible. There are some aspects of doing business on Amazon and you just need to follow the terms and conditions. You can maintain your account only if you know conditions and then keep working on to avoid the issues that are not acceptable on this platform. It may sound very tedious job, but it is required to maintain your account.

Most important of all, you should know and understand all the policies, terms and conditions of Amazon. There are several guidelines as well for the sellers. You may approach the professional Amazon service providers to clear all your queries regarding the same. It is very important for you as a seller to keep a track of the guidelines that are changed frequently. It will help to evaluate and decide your action to run your business accordingly and avoid the unwanted losses.

To maintain as a profitable account and avoid the risk of getting suspended, you can practice the following tasks:

Do thorough research on vendor reputation and authenticity before finalizing your vendors.
Do not list products that were not manufactured by the original copyright holders or the manufactures.
If there is any complaint against any product, immediately close it.
Using the metrics page, you can identify other products that are potentially problematic products so that you can take preventive measures against probable issues.
To avoid unwanted issues, you can use the Product Performance tool and remove the product listings that are not performing well.
Monitor your product performance list regularly to identify the issues and act accordingly on time before they can make any damage.
The product description should be identical to the original products. This is a very important aspect of online businesses. Create accurate product descriptions and original product images to make them compatible with the actual products.
Review the comments regularly which can create potential problems and act on them immediately.
Review regularly your actual inventory to make it sure that all the products listed on Amazon are authentic, compatible and exactly as per their description. Check the quality of every individual product before it is added to the inventory and sold to ensure that buyers receive the good products.
Continuously improve your product packaging to increase good feedback.
With the above practices, you will earn the faith of your customers as well to enhance your capability and open up the door for abundant opportunities for the growth of your business. Amazon is a huge marketplace and you should observe that you don’t have to lose it. Be careful in taking any decision and keep yourself updated with developments all around to maintain your business online keep selling.

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