Question: Over the weekend I heard someone talking about 2012. On the one hand he was very inspiring but on the other hand it was rather doomish and gloomish and it really threw me off for a bit so I wondered if Divine Mother would give her take on 2012.

Divine Mother: We need a year to designate a shift in the planetary vibrational field. The planetary vibrational field is affected by the galaxy. So this is the year that the planetary vibrational field will have a very healing resonance from the galaxy and this healing resonance will change the matter of which this planet is composed. Even your physical bodies that are matter as well as all other matter – this will be a good thing. The exact date can vary slightly but this is “in time” the focus for the Earth to break out of the old vibrational fluctuation. Does that help you to understand?

Second Question: I want to know that it is all positive and not negative. It has felt like we have all done so much hard work to lift Mother Earth (in whatever way one does it) and this feeling I got was that it might not all work in the end or it may not be as we expect and things could come to an end…I’m not sure exactly what he meant but it created some fear in me and disappointment that I haven’t been able to shift.

Divine Mother: It is going to work and it is going to be beautiful. And the joy is going to be immense and the lives of those here to experience it will be expansive. A point of fear is always a point of view from the ego. A point of view from love is a point of view from the Infinite heart. Stay in your infinite heart. Love is creating this change. It is unavoidable. It is the expansion of the universe and the Earth is enjoying the influence of this expansion. It is going to be beautiful. Definitely things will change but everything will change in alignment with love. So keep expanding your heart so that you can stay in the alignment with love. It has to change…you know that. We can’t allow this suffering to go on. It must change. It is beautiful. And I would also say that no matter what the mental expectation is – it will be different than that. It is beyond the mind’s ability to comprehend the justice of this. Justice in terms of universal law, divine law, divine balance. And you are here to experience it. That is a great thing. Stay in your Divine Self.

Third Question: I found it hard to get out of the feeling. Just as we are all coming into experiencing more of the expansion, unboundedness, liberation, this sudden change was going to happen to Mother Earth that was not going to allow this to happen. It felt like some restriction on my freedom and it was very uncomfortable.

Divine Mother: You will be allowed to live that expansion. No doubt. The galaxy is not in contraction. The galaxy is in expansion and you will be allowed to expand with it into your full status and love it. Stay in the heart.

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