Question: What can we do if we feel depressed in any way?

Divine Mother: I want you to know something about depression. I want you to know why this situation is so debilitating. The truth is that when people don't allow themselves to be themselves, there is a repression of energy in the system. When this energy is repressed, certain areas of the physiology don't receive enough life energy, life force, and they stop working.

These areas that are not receiving enough life force are areas that produce subtle chemicals that allow the physical system to accomplish those connections that keep the vitality in the system awake and alive, flowing.

Life force moves from the Infinite Wholeness. It moves through many layers of your system to support the physical system. When the physical system is not getting this support from life force, those mechanisms in the system that depend upon fresh streams of life energy, fall into disuse and eventually just shut down. So the situation of depression is not just a situation of the shutting down of life force, but the shutting down of the mechanics in the subtle system that receives the life energy. I would define the life energy in this discussion as light flows coming from Source, Wholeness, that vitalize and refresh your entire physical, emotional, mental, and all subtle systems daily.

So when the life flow, these light flows are repressed, those mechanisms in the system -- and they are subtle mechanisms -- that can bring life force into the body and expand it for your accomplishment shutdown. The longer this happens the more shutdown the system becomes. So it is not something that happens only with the mind and the emotions, it is actually a physical shutdown, because life force is necessary to maintain life – Shakti, life energy. It comes out of the Infinite Wholeness. It moves into the manifest field as light. The light expands and creates and builds upon itself until it builds atoms and molecules and cells and organs and muscles. At the same time, it is expanding and building all the subtle fields that support the physical. The light flow supports the emotional field and its expression, the mental field and its expression. When these light flows are not allowed to expand and flow, problems arise.

Trust your Infinite Wholeness. You are a Divine Being in a physical form. You are in charge of your life. You are not a victim of your life. You are in charge of your life. You have control over how the life force and the flows of light move through your system. You haven't known this. You haven't known that you were in charge. In this ignorance, the unknowing, problems have developed. However, now you have retrieved your knowingness. You have retrieved the knowledge that you have about yourself. You are recognizing that you are Infinite and whole and that the focus of your attention and your intention can change situations for you.

So now you have choices to make. The biggest choice to make is to unite with the Divine Intelligence so that your choices become Divine choices. That is the most important choice to make -- to unite with the Divine, to connect so that your life stream starts to flow in alignment with the Divine flow.

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Connie Huebner has done intense spiritual work for more than 40 years to develop her unique ability to connect to the energies of Divine Mother. Connie wants to share her extraordinary experiences with you. With Connie’s facilitation of Divine Mother’s presence people have healed life issues in the areas of relationships, life purpose, finances, self esteem, health, spirituality, and much more. Through the programs she is offering, you can learn to connect to Divine Mother within yourself and have the relationship with Her that most have only dreamed of. Mother God is the creator of the universe. She knows how to guide you successfully in all phases of life. In these programs, you learn to align yourself with Her great creative power and bring that power more fully into every area of your life for a richer, more joyful experience. For more complete information visit: