When you are planning a road trip to the Spiti Valley, you must know that you are going to enter the area one of the most badly-build roads in the world. Do not expect smooth highways or even pot-holed roads on your way to Spiti. The fact of the matter is that you would barely see any roads among the stoned pathways and dusty ways.

Bus is also an option

If you don’t want to drive on those hectic terrains, you can also take a bus from Kullu or Manali. You must reach Kullu in time if you want to take a confirmed ticket for Spiti because Manali is a famous spot and more people board the bus from there. If you reach any time during the day at Kullu, you can find cheap and comfortable homestays in the city.

There is only one bus that leaves at 4-4:30 from Kullu for Spiti. It takes a stop over at Manali to pick up more passengers. If you miss the bus at Kullu, you will have to take it from Manali not to delay your vacation. You must try not to begin your trip with a missed bus because a few locals may misguide you, not intentionally though, that there are more buses to Spiti. And you must not begin your journey too late because the roads are not safe at all for late night journeys.

Driving your car

Whether you drive your own car, book a cab, or take a bus, you must leave Kullu before 5 am and Manali before 7 am so that you can reach Spiti Valley before the sunset. The reason you have to drive slowly is that you will come across several water streams crossing the road. Just before Kaza, you will encounter the ‘pagal nalah’ stream, which translates to mad water stream in English. To be able to cross these nalahs or water streams successfully without getting struck, you need to have a sturdy vehicle at hand that can overcome these difficulties with ease. If you do not have an SUV, you can rent a car from Chandigarh.

If you hire a Car Rental from Mumbai, just like many other road trippers do, you will be extremely tired by the time you reach Spiti. Therefore, it is better not to drive before Chandigarh and continue your journey with well-planned stops. However, you cannot judge your stopovers accurately, so it is better not to pay in advance for your homestays or camps. You can find the accommodation wherever you want to spend the night.

While traveling in Spiti

After you reach Spiti, spend a good time exploring the local avenues. Do not pay the complete amount at once to the driver or any service provider; people are happy to accept the payment after the work is done. The mountains are not for everyone, and the challenges of the tough life on the hills may do havoc with your psyche. Be prepared to deal with the mountain sickness, lack of comforts, and be strong to survive with minimum comforts or better to say, no comforts at all. Spiti Valley is indeed a place to go if you want to experience nature at its raw best, but you must be strong enough as well.

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