Human beings can experience sexual responses even in the sleep which cause orgasm during sleep, if it continues beyond healthy limits in males it becomes necessary to stop its occurrences. Previously it was believed that only males suffer with this problem but now it is well known that females may also orgasm during sleep, though their number is too small and it is almost harmless incase of females, only males need to stop it if its frequency crosses healthy limits. Frequent orgasms during sleep causes loss of semen which can disturb the sleep and stress and overburden the reproductive organs of the male as semen production never stops in a male's body, regular discharge of semen further weakens parasympathetic nerve and male also loses interest in lovemaking activity.

Physical and psychological reasons are responsible for causing orgasm during sleep and in order to stop it a male needs to take treatment for both types of causes. One should stay away from erotic thoughts and fantasies during the day as stimulation due to such activities increase the chances of an exciting dream in the night. Staying physically active and regular exercise promotes healthy and proper blood flow to all parts of the body and also helps in keeping digestive system clean which works well for stopping orgasm during sleep. Diet is very important to stop regular orgasms during sleep as males consuming heavy and greasy diet, spicy food or too much acid forming or stimulating food like caffeine etc are more prone to succumb to this problem. Healthy sexual behavior is a must and a male shall restrict himself to 2-3 sexual encounters in a week.

Drinking sufficient amount of water helps the body in keeping internal system clean and free of stress, fruit juices shall also be consumed in larger quantity to nourish the body, soybean products in the diet are very helpful and increased consumption of fresh vegetables, sunflower seeds, peanuts, sea foods and seaweeds are particularly useful for a male trying to stop problem of orgasm during sleep. Massages with herbal oils also helps in keeping mind and body fresh and energetic, ingredients of herbal oils like peppermint oil nourish tissues and nerves and also the effect of massage stabilizes proper blood flow all over the body which helps a male in regaining control over his body to stop the occurrences of orgasm during sleep.

Use of herbal supplements such as NF Cure capsule can stop the occurrence of orgasm during sleep very effectively and in a short time. However herbal treatment and above said practices shall be done simultaneously for proper cure. Ashwagandha is one of those herbs which are excellent in improving mental and physical health of a male or a female equally well. This herb improves physical health by rejuvenating body's organs and systems and also improves mental health to gain control over the body and one's emotional status. Shilajit is a source of immensely vital nutrients and minerals which are not easily available through diet and is famous for bringing back the youthful energy and health at any age. Use of this herb can remove all sorts of weaknesses and uplift the functioning of reproductive organs to stop the problem of frequent orgasms during sleep. Other herbs which are used for treating this problem are Kava Kava, Tribulus terrestris, Gingko Biloba, Mucuna Pruriens and Horny goat weed.

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