Semen discharge after urination signifies stress and disorder in reproductive system of a male which either pushes thick fluid or complete semen out of the body after urination, natural methods can cure this condition effectively and safely. This condition has medical term and is called as congestive prostatitis. Males ejaculating very less, experiencing arousal without ejaculation frequently, involved in too much sexual activity and trying to delay or prevent ejaculation by any means are more prone to suffer with this problem.

Prostrate gland produces large part of the semen and when this semen is not ejaculated it creates tension in prostrate capsule and when pressure is applied while passing out last drops of urine or even during bowel movement few drops or all the fluid trapped inside oozes out. The condition of semen discharge after urination needs to be cured as early as possible as it can create many types of complications which may disrupt a male's love life and can also irritate prostrate gland to raise more problems of serious nature.

Due to semen discharge after urination a person experiences burning sensation during or after urination, thinning of urine stream and pain in testicles, if not cured at early stage it can weaken liver and strain other organs of reproductive system. While trying to cure the problem of semen discharge after urination a male need to treat physical and psychological reasons simultaneously to remove the problem completely and also quickly. Males suffering with this problem should stay away from erotic thoughts and fantasies, all types of unwanted sexual stimulations like magazines, pictures etc, shall not practice sex more than 2-3 times in a week and keep themselves engaged in productive works during the day. These practices prevent unnecessary arousals which does not push prostrate to produce seminal fluids and helps in curing the problem of semen discharge after urination.

Shilajit is famous as mineral herb as it is a rich source of vital nutrients and minerals and provides effective cure to the problem of semen leakage after urination. This herb treats all the disorders related to urinary or reproductive system and nourishes the body with essential nutrients to removes weaknesses. Use of Shilajit also uplifts general immunity and sexual capacity of a male. Liver gets distressed by frequent ejaculation of semen as liver is responsible to produce zinc and it gets strained over a period of time, with use of Shilajit liver gets relieved and its aphrodisiac properties raises stamina and vigor to rejuvenate health of a male.

Withania Somnifera or Ashwagandha is another herb which can cure the problem of semen discharge during urination effectively. This herb is very potent in raising physical and mental health of an individual and provides complete treatment to the problem. With increased blood flow promoted by the use of this herb a male gets rejuvenated reproductive and urinary system which prevents leakage of semen during urination and cures it completely. Sound mental health helps a person in staying away from unnecessary arousals and also counters depressing thoughts very well.

Healthy and proper diet is very essential in curing the problem of semen discharge during urination along with the use of herbal supplements such as NF Cure capsules which contain all the potent herbs mentioned above. Drinking lots of water and fruit juices and increased intake of vegetables, soybean products, peanuts, and sunflower seeds can bring in good results quickly.

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