Kidneys are essential organs that help keep the body healthy by clearing toxins, excess fluid, and other impurities from your blood. Any severe damage to these organs is reversible and turns fatal to life. Most people don't know that silently damaging their kidneys because they are not aware of the factors that can damage your kidneys. Here we'll discuss the factors that are responsible for damaging your kidneys.

Prolonged use of non-steroidal drugs- Many reports say that excessive use of painkillers causes around 3-5% of new kidney failure cases every year. High and prolonged use of painkillers can damage kidney structure, especially tissues. These over-the-counter medicines can also affect the blood flow to the kidneys.

Kidney Disease Treatment in Ayurveda

Diabetes- It is the leading cause of kidney damage as continuously high blood sugar levels can damage blood vessels present inside your kidneys. Over time, the increased blood sugar level narrows the blood vessels and causes them to get clogged.

High blood pressure- Prolonged existence of increased blood pressure can weaken or harden the arteries. When the arteries become weak, they are not able to transport sufficient blood to the kidney tissue. With the passing time, this medical condition can damage the kidneys severely. After diabetes, it's the second leading cause of kidney damage.

Consuming a large quantity of salt- Salt contains sodium, so more than an average amount of salt intake increases your blood pressure that put stress on your kidneys. Over time, this habit can turn out to be the cause of your kidney damage.

Taking colas- Drinking carbonated sodas or colas often can increase kidney disease risk. These colas can also promote the formation of kidney stones.

Apart from these factors, a diet that contains a high amount of sugar, meat & dairy products, caffeine, and genetically modified organisms foods, can also be bad for your kidneys' health. We all know, smoking and drinking are bad for our kidneys and liver.

Avoiding the habits responsible for kidney damage and managing the above-mentioned health problems can help prevent kidney problems naturally. Some people have a question in their mind that what if their kidneys have damage already?

What if your kidneys have damaged?

In common, dialysis followed by kidney transplant should answer this question according to most of the Allopathic practitioners. If you ask an Ayurvedacharya or Ayurvedic nephrologist about kidney damage cure, he will suggest you follow a wholesome natural treatment that can revive and restore the kidneys' health naturally without using dialysis or transplant.

Let’s dive deep into a natural healing program. Ayurveda is an age-old treatment program that offers an entirely natural approach to cure all sorts of health problems naturally. The ayurvedic remedial approach suggests the intake of herbal medicines, some natural cures & care, and few lifestyle alterations. Combining these healing aspects properly as per the health problem of a patient, Ayurveda has successfully cured a large number of patients so far with its ancient healing methodology.

According to Ayurveda, kidneys are known as Vrikka formed by Rakta (Blood) and Medha Dhatu (fat tissue). Any blood and the fat-related problem can affect the functionality of the kidneys.

Kidney diseases are asymptomatic in their early phases. However, a person may experience many symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, poor appetite, hands & feet swelling, pain in the abdomen or back, muscle twitching or cramps, weakness, and continuous tiredness, etc.
As far as Ayurvedic treatment for kidney damage is concerned, this holistic healing process uses many natural herbs and remedial procedures that improve the kidneys' health and facilitate them with good functionality, thus helps avoid dialysis.

Ayurvedic herbs help normalize doshas and therefore help restore kidneys' health and strengthen the kidneys naturally. The sooner you start the Ayurvedic treatment; the better and faster the recovery will be.

Some most effective natural herbs that help restore the kidneys' health are Punarnava, Gokshura, Kaasni, and Haritaki. A kidney patient needs to consult an Ayurvedic doctor or hospital if you want to reap the best results. As solely Ayurvedic medicines can’t make you experience Ayurveda's amazing healing power, a customized diet, ancient therapies, and lifestyle modification should also be followed simultaneously for kidneys’ health betterment.

Search for a reliable Ayurvedic kidney hospital or Ayurvedacharya if you are looking for a permanent and risk-free cure to your kidney damage condition.

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