The human body is made of different organs that work together to support life. Kidneys are the two bean-shaped organs and a major part of the organ system that are the workhorses. They continuously work for the filtration of blood and removal of waste outside the body. In addition, they are responsible for some major health functions such as the generation of hormones, maintenance of electrolytes, production of RBC, and activation of vitamin D.

Fundamentals of kidneys

With the removal of waste out of the body, kidneys also help in the formation of urine. It is a complex procedure that is inclusive of excretion and reabsorption. However, this is very significant for the maintenance of body chemicals and to keep them in a stable state. Apart from the filtration kidneys are known for the regulation of acid content in the body along with the body’s salt and potassium content. Any decrease in the kidneys’ function can bring illness in the entire body. However, for help, Ayurvedic treatment to increase GFR level is taken into consideration. It helps in supporting the kidneys’ health from the cellular level.

The function unit of the kidneys is called nephrons in the language of medical science. These are million in number and each nephron carries a filtering unit comprising of small blood vessels. This filtering unit is called glomerulus and with what rate it is filtering blood is measured with a test called glomerular filtration rate or GFR. Each day, an amount of 200 quarts of fluid is filtered. When the kidneys are healthy they will perform their routine work but if they meet any sort of hindrance or damage, the functioning ability of the kidneys would start diminishing, and eventually, kidney failure will occur. And if that happens, waste would not be able to come out of the body and start stockpiling within. This can damage the entire system of the human body and lead to the demise of the person. Let us read about some of the causes that can result in the low functioning of the kidneys and what are the natural ways to alter it, which simply means Ayurvedic treatment to increase GFR level.

Causes of low function of the kidneys

When the kidneys of a person are healthy then they can filter wastes from the blood at a good rate of 90ml in one minute. This is precisely the definition of GFR. It is important to understand that anything below this is not healthy and needs to be concerned about it. Despite the changing condition, kidneys can work remarkably. This is because of the adaption capability of the glomeruli.

When a person meets the acute injury of the kidneys, it is the defense of the organ to protect itself. This is how the mechanism of human kidneys has been made. But there are certain things that can slowly and persistently poison the kidneys such as smoking, drinking, hypertension, and high level of sugar in the blood (diabetes). Also, there are certain medical issues like the low flow of the blood to the kidneys, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, abnormal structure of the kidneys, family history of kidney disease, glomerulonephritis, polycystic kidney disease, kidney stones, urinary tract infections, congenital issues, and drug overuse that can result in the low functioning of the kidneys. In order to make the condition of kidneys better, it is important to work on the GFR for which one can adopt modes of Ayurvedic treatment to increase GFR level. Let us read, how it could be executed in the right manner.

Ways of Ayurveda to increase GFR

Ayurveda is an unconventional method of treatment that helps in the cure of various health-related issues left unanswered by allopathy. Ayurveda has some considerable solutions to many deadly and fatal health issues. When it comes to the ways in which Ayurveda can help in elevating the glomerular filtration rate, it has a lot to offer. Ayurvedic treatment to increase GFR is comprehensive of herbs, and alterations in the lifestyle and diet of the person.

  • The guidelines of Ayurvedic treatment to increase GFR say that it is important to adhere to a diet low in sodium content. In case you have issues of hypertension, difficulty in breathing, swelling, or urinal issues then you should definitely work on it and eat less than 2000mg of sodium a day.
  • A DASH diet can also be very helpful in such a time. It is a dietary approach to stop hypertension.
  • Limiting a nutrient like protein can also help you to see major changes in the filtration rate. A diet with high protein can strain the functioning of the kidneys. Also, too low protein intake would affect your muscular health. Therefore, talk to your dietitian about the right quantity.
  • Ayurvedic treatment to increase GFR promotes physical activity. Staying healthy is important for the health of the kidneys. It also maintains a good weight and prevents obesity which is a major cause of the low functioning of the kidneys.

These are some of the ways that would help you in obtaining a normal GFR with time, with a regular practice of these steps in life.

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