What Can A Husband Do To Save His Marriage: Can One Person Save A Marriage

If your wife wants a divorce and you still deeply love her it's a difficult situation. Living with someone who says they no longer want to be married to you can feel devastating. Your initial reaction when you hear this from your spouse is likely to fight back. You may even break down and plead with her to reconsider. Most men don't realize that how they react to the situation can either result in them losing their wife forever or rebuilding the relationship so it's stronger than it ever was before.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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Trying to talk to her when your wife wants a divorce may be counterproductive. She's going to be expecting you to try and change her mind so she'll become even more stubborn. Any type of serious discussion needs to be left on the table. She won't open up to you the way you want her to and it will leave you feeling even more hurt and frustrated. A much more effective approach is to continue with small talk with your wife. Talk about the things you've always discussed. That may be the kids' grades, what you should have for dinner tomorrow and even the weather. It may seem a little surreal to continue talking about small things when your marriage is falling apart, but that type of communication is needed. Your wife won't feel threatened and it will keep the lines of communication open.

The next thing you must do if your wife wants a divorce is to agree with her. This is going to be difficult at first but there's a reason it's necessary. Your wife expects you to argue with her about the end of the relationship and if you don't, it will leave her a little shell shocked. If you tell her that you realize that things aren't working and that she's right about what you're doing wrong she'll have a natural reaction to defend you. She won't want to hear you beating yourself up over the end of the marriage and it will instinctively make her start thinking back to everything you did do right. You need for that to happen so ensure that whatever you do, you agree with her.

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How can we save our marriage? Is everything we've worked so hard for going to disappear? Is there any hope at all for a couple like us? These are common questions couples who are experiencing marital problems ask on a regular basis. Luckily, the answer is sometimes easier than you might think.

The Value of Recognition

If you're asking "How can we save our marriage?" then you've made a very important step already. You've realized that there is a problem, or a set of problems, that needs attention. Recognizing that a problem exists is the first step to solving it.

Who is to Blame?

Who is to blame for the problems you're experiencing within your marriage? The fact is, it's really not important to assign blame right now. What you should do instead, is sit down with your partner and tell him or her, "We need to work to save our marriage" without pointing fingers at each other. If your partner agrees, then you're ready to move forward together. If your spouse disagrees, then you may need to start taking some steps toward repairing what you can, on your own, or coming to another conclusion.

Make Positive Changes

Making positive changes can help tremendously, even if the changes you make seem small in comparison with the problems that you are facing. It does no good to say, "Let's save our marriage" and then keep on behaving as you've done in the past.

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Physical Health - Maybe you've let yourselves fall into less-than healthy routines. If you're eating too much, watching too much TV, and settling for a sedentary lifestyle, get up and get moving, and do it together. The fact is, an important part of marriage is physical attraction. Working on fitness together can help change the way you view your partner.

Mental Well Being -If you're looking at your spouse, and saying "We have to do something to save our marriage!" then you must take action right away. Think about how you behave - are you kind and loving, or are you mean and demanding? Do you do things to appreciate your partner, or do you take him or her for granted? The simple fact is, we've got to treat each other the way we would like to be treated. Be a good example for your spouse, and set a precedent by acting like a good husband or wife, yourself.

Don't Try To Do It On Your Own

No matter what the problems in your relationship are, you have a better chance at saving your relationship if you seek professional marriage counseling. One of the newest, best ways to take advantage of marriage counseling is via online marriage counseling.

Online marriage counseling is far from complicated - in fact, it's so easy to find a therapist you like, and get the help you need from the comfort of your own home, that more and more people just like you are taking advantage of all the benefits of therapy more often.

Best of all, online counseling is completely confidential - no one needs to know that your marriage is in trouble.

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Is marriage counseling beneficial? Does it help mend broken marriages? Who is qualified to be a marriage counselor? Where can I find one?

Sometimes difficult questions have the easiest solutions to them. If we know that our marriage has become a burden for us, it is time to seek a marriage counseling help. Often marriage counselors are our most reliable option to fall back upon, if we are living with a troubled marriage. Before we call it quits, it is wiser to go to a marriage counselor.

Spare a thought, and read on. You may find the answer to the difficulties plaguing your marriage from a counselor

Step # 1 what the marriage counselor can do for you.

Marriage is one of the most sacred human relations. When things go sour, marriage counseling can come to the rescue in many ways. A qualified marriage counselor will help the estranged couple reduce the chances of their marriage going worst.

It is the first step to prevent a divorce. Counseling can improve both the physical and mental relation, that the husband and wife shares. Marriage counseling help often becomes the last resort for couples before they decide to split.

Step # 2: The long standing effects of a marriage counseling

Marriage counseling help can go along way to restore balance in a shaky marriage. After the counselor has sorted the differences between the spouses, he will try to focus on maintaining the healthy relationship.

The counselor will help the couple explore the long standing values of love and sacrifice. In brief, the marriage counselor ties to infuse human bond between the warring couple.

Step # 3: Marriage counseling help is the wisest gift that a couple can give to each other and their family.

Love lost, may be just at the corner, to be rediscovered. The decision to take help by a couple is the best thing to do at such a crucial juncture of life. The idea is, if help is available at hand, than why not use it.

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Step # 4: Questions that your counselor may ask to save your marriage

It is never too late to take help. The same holds true for a marriage that is drifting away.

How does the counselor find ways to help you? There are a certain set of questions that helps your counselor to find out information about your marriage.

It is wiser to ask yourself some of the queries and if you do not have the answers, then it is about time to consult and take marriage counseling help. Such queries may range from one's parents, if they were divorced, to issues regarding frequent arguments. Did one get married too early in age, income levels of partners and so on?

Step # 5 The effectiveness of the 'science' of marriage counseling

Marriage counseling had its origin as a need of the hour. It has now evolved into a science. Agony aunts, has been replaced by serious professionals, who are qualified marriage counselors.

Though women prefer to visit a marriage counselor more often, men also are not shy to take professional help as and when required.

Marriage counseling help is here to stay and it is wiser for the estranged couple to take help to save a troubled marriage before it is too late.

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Do you feel that your marriage will come to an end soon? Do always get on a fight with your partner with no reasons at all? Are your kids the only reason why you still stay together? Worry, no more! There is still a why to make your marriage work.

It may sound frustrating if you are no longer happy with your marriage. This is especially hard when you still love your partner deeply. However, do not give up too soon, Christian marriage books are there to help and guide you fix your marriage. Finding the best Christian books about marriage is easy if you know how to look for one.


There is no better way to search for Christian marriage books but through online. You can search for online stores and you will find tons of nice and helpful Christian books. This is more convenient and fast. You can easily check on the prices and find the one that fits your budget. Better yet, you can also search for free ebooks to save on cost. You can just download them and save it on your computer.


Where else can you buy books but on your local bookstores. Here you can rummage every shelf on the bookstore. You can even read the first few pages and see if those are the Christian marriage books for you. It also allows you to choose whether you prefer softbound or hardbound books.

Local Library

Your local library is also a good place for you to check out. There you will easily find the Christian marriage books you are searching for. It is also a good place to read since the ambiance is peaceful. You just need to search for a perfect spot where you can sit, relax and silently read your chosen book.

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Ask A Christian Friend

We all know Christians are not only spiritual but they are also passionate when it comes to reading books. Ask your friends if they can recommend any good books for you. They can even offer to lend you their own books. That will surely save you a lot of time and money searching for the best book. Just be sure to return it after use. Who knows, they might even give you a sound advice about how to make your marriage work.

Join A Christian Group

By joining a Christian group with your partner, you not only get tips and ideas on the best Christian marriage books. This will also allow you and your partner to open up and be able to learn about each other's shortcomings. You and your partner would learn to be more compassionate and bring back the spark in your relationship.

It would also be best that both of you look for Christian marriage books together. This will give you more time to be together and enjoy each other's company. You can also read as one. Both of you will better understand it if you work together and apply everything you had read in your daily lives. By reading Christian books about marriage, you will be surprised on how it brings back the joy in your marriage.

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