Ahhh. Here we are again – the quick end to another year and a new one clamoring into the starting gate as we speak.

For years, I have used this time to begin a big goal-setting session for the New Year – to dig in deep and outline all that I want to achieve in the year ahead in each area of my life.

Ironically, this Goal Setting Project often takes me weeks, if not months to finish. And let’s not get started on when I actually get around to completing these wonderfully well thought out goals.

Clearly I have a tendency to get stuck in planning mode. I love Planning Mode. It is my comfort and security. But with a business to run, clients to serve, and my life to support – I’ve realized more then ever how critical Action Mode is.

And yet, even with this realization I still haven’t always been able to get myself to easily cross that bridge between Planning Mode and Action Mode…that is until I figured out THE critical question I needed to ask myself.

This question landed in my lap one day and made an immediate impact on my life. Since then, I haven’t struggled with planning mode nearly as much. And I’ve been reaping the benefits of action mode on a daily basis. Every time I feel myself getting stuck again, I just ask myself this one little question.

Give a boost to your New Year’s Resolutions and read on to see if this question could be as helpful to you as it has been to me.

Willingness seems to cut to the heart of the matter doesn’t it? Either you are willing or your not. It is like a laser beam, zeroing in on the true level of your desire.

For example, what are you WILLING to do to achieve your goal of creating more balance in your life next year?

Are you willing to stop and take a break – everyday? To eat lunch away from your desk? Are you willing to commit to vacation time MONTHS in advance? Are you willing to take spontaneous weekend trips – or evenings away from the computer? Are you willing to have difficult conversations?

Exercise: Make a list of all the actions you are WILLING to take in order to achieve your desired outcome – however big or small. This by default breaks things down into manageable chunks that can be incorporated over time.

Next, consider what you are NOT WILLING to do to achieve these goals.

Are you willing to beat yourself up for what you should be doing? Are you willing to earn less money? Are you willing to limit your schedule? Are you willing to take up a new hobby?

Exercise: Give yourself permission and write down everything you can think of that you are NOT WILLING to do in order to achieve this goal. Be honest with yourself here. It is your choice how this goal is met.

Now you are in a position where you can fully embrace your goal and your path to achieving it. Both are in alignment and with that comes a lot more motivation. That is the true power of this process.

Author's Bio: 

Julie Gray is a seasoned space organizer, coach, and productivity adviser for exhausted overachievers who are ready to stop the cycle without sacrificing success and find the time and energy to get more out life.

Julie’s unique expertise is in harmonizing your space, time, AND energy in order to optimize your productivity and drive faster, more impactful results. Her comprehensive system creates more time in your day, and is designed to evolve along with your ever-changing life.

To learn more, visit: http://profound-impact.com