Some of you might be old enough to remember the ABC television program, The Six Million Dollar Man. In the 70s pop culture series, Lee Majors played a former astronaut, who is fitted with bionic implants. One of his high-tech powers includes the ability to zoom in at 20:1 with infrared vision! Imagine that! If only we could have that sense of perception and visibility… in truth, we do if we only try.
When you open your eyes to opportunities that exist, you might just surprise yourself with what you can and will see both in your present and in your future. The gift of vision is innate to us all. The problem, however, is that many of us do not facilitate it enough; or we do not grasp that ability to do so. There are several ways to nurture and develop your sense of vision by using powerful mind tools like meditation, prayer and visualization techniques. Of course you can always reach out to your angel guides to help you see more clearly, and to become more focused on what it is you need to help you succeed in life.
When you call upon an angel to help you see more clearly, you are energetically connecting with that angelic force to give you the strength, wisdom and the foresight to help you manifest those prospects that are yet to be revealed to you. What it is that your Inner Soul truly craves and desires? Remember to ask your Higher Self and your angels to help you achieve a heightened sense of awareness so that you can pursue interests that serve you and your life best.

What are you really seeing?
By Joan Marie Whelan The Gift
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