Lately, I’ve had lots of people come to me who are full of fear about the future. Fear is the opposite of love and fear will do harm to the mind and body.

So What Are You Afraid of?

1 - Are You Afraid that World War III is Coming? So if it is what good does it do to be afraid? Fear only makes a person’s life a living hell… fear does not uplift it only brings a person down. Every one of you has will power… all you have to do is move your fingers… it took will power to move those fingers. So you can decide with your will power to no longer be afraid of what the future might bring. And what if WWIII does take place… being fearful will not make anything better. As it says in all the spiritual texts, “Be Not Afraid For I Am Always With You”. We will survive and make it all work out. Or we will be in heaven in bliss. It’s no different than WWII we did survive and eventually, we did thrive once again—- So Have Faith— Which is Also Courage.

2 - Are You Afraid that the Markets Will Collapse? This has happened many times before. So what would you do? My grandparents lived through the great depression there was not much to eat, and no jobs of any kind. But they did the best they could and they got through the depression… and it made them stronger. It’s amazing what a we can do when we have too. That is your true courage… just put one foot in front of the other… and take it day by day.

3 - Are You Afraid There Will be Another Civil War? We don’t know, but many people think that because we are angry at each other that this might take place. But we have gone through this before… and it was not easy. But eventually, we came out the other side and once again thrived. Again faith is courage… have faith.

4 - Are You Afraid That You Might Lose Your Job? That is a big possibility for lots of people because there is not much in the way of job stability now. But it’s important to be like Jesus as he gathered his disciples. He asks them to let go of all their belongings and follow him. They gave up all their worries and did just that… they let go and had great faith. And that’s exactly what we have to do… let go of worry and have great faith. Faith in its own way is a process of building courage.

5 - Are You Afraid You Won’t Have Food? Boy, when I was growing up that was always a possibility because wages were small I remembered my dad, in the beginning, worked for $0.35 an hour… and it was hard to make ends meet. But my mother “God Rest Her Soul” was very frugal and we learned to live without lots of things we really didn’t need. And we had a nice garden and we lived from that garden and enjoyed life. But we always shared what we had… whenever someone came over to visit. It’s not what you have… it’s what you have in your heart that matters…. LOVE! Jesus talked about the birds and that the birds didn’t worry because HE is watching over them and would provide. And thus we too need that same great faith… which fills us up and gives us courage. Again faith is courage.

6 - Are You Afraid You Might Get Sick? That’s always a possibility… anyone could get hit by a car… we don’t know. Anything is possible but if we worry about all of these things for sure we will get sick… that’s been proven. Worry is stress and stress creates inflammation and that inflammation creates disease… this is science. So think about the good things in life… and know without a doubt that good will come your way. And if you get sick thank God for your illness. And know that there are learning lessons to be learned from this process. Thus you build courage and move forward in life.

So as President Kennedy said “The Only Thing We Need to Fear is Fear Itself”

So let go of fear.

The Great Poet Hafiz said:

I rarely let the word “NO” escape from my mouth.

Because it is so plain to my soul

That God has shouted, YES! YES! YES!

To every luminous movement in Existence.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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