In this article, we are going to discuss the various lifting devices and equipment used in the industries.

Lifting heavy containers, drums, vessels, cartons is not something that is done manually. To increase the operational efficiency in your industry you have to use machines and lifting equipment.

This is also helpful in preventing injuries and accidents for your labors and employees working in the work premises.

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Let’s begin…

Pallet trucks

Used in most warehouses, this is lifting equipment being able to lift various items such as containers, cartons, jars, vessels, and other items. This is more of transporting equipment being used manually.

It has two fork-like protrusions and these are also loaded beds for the device where you can put the load.

Some pallet trucks are also entirely electronic which can lift an item without manual intervention at all.

Scissor lift tables

Scissor lift tables have to cross legs that can be used for lifting equipment. On top of them, you find a flat load bed on which you can stack up the load items to be lifted.

The scissor lift legs are controlled electronically with buttons. Once you place the desired load item on the load platform it can be raised to a maximum height which is equal to the maximum extension of the two supportive cross legs.

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Stackers and lifters

Generally, the scissor lift tables can lift items to a height of a few feet from the ground level only. And it is only used for lifting one heavy item at a time.

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Bin lifters

As the name suggests these are the only custom-designed for lifting plastic bins of course the large ones when filled.

Bin lifters have supporting arms and extensions that help to lift the bin entirely on their own without any manual intervention. They are operating effectively using switches and buttons.

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Drum trolleys and trucks

Various industries have to lift and transport drums, round vessels, and jars. Drum trolleys almost look similar to the bin lifters except for the fact that these are more durable and heavy-purpose equipment capable of lifting and transporting largely filled drums and round vessels. They are fit for lifting round-shaped items.

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