The online gambling industry is rising and the competition between casinos like qq1221 is getting tighter. So, they started to offer a range of bonuses to the players as follows.

Welcome bonus
You can get an idea about this type of offering with its name itself. Whoever joins an online casino meeting the deposit requirements will get this welcome bonus as initial motivation. Although it could also act as a motivational bonus, the primary motive of the online casinos will be to attract new customers to their website instead of choosing others in competition. These joining bonuses will range anywhere from a fixed percentage of about fifty of the player’s deposit money to the complete cashback without a penny of deduction. Hence, the casino enthusiasts will search for the online casinos that offer higher welcome bonuses as their chances of winning will increase by playing more games with the bonus money. However, you should play a predefined number of games to withdraw the bonus money.

Referral bonus
If you end up choosing a casino website because of your friend's advice, you can call it a referral joining. However, if that friend is already a member of the same casino and he gets a reward for making you join the website, the casino is offering a referral bonus for its members. Usually, almost all online casinos will be desperately looking for new customers. Although they will involve in tons of other marketing tactics by investing money, they will find it tedious to reach a range of customers at once. Hence, they will use the members of their website to bring in some new players with their influence. As most players will know someone wishing to join an online casino and all of them would love rewards, the process is a successful marketing activity that increases the number of people entering the casino.

High deposit bonus
Every online casino will have a specific limit for the deposits made by the players. No player can pay less than this deposit amount during his entry into the casino. However, there will not be such limits for those players who make higher deposits exceeding the predefined limit. As it is beneficial to the casino house if you make a higher deposit than the expected limit, you can do so without hesitation. However, as you are standing out of the crowd that pays only the predefined limit of money, you will get some rewards. You will get promoted as a VIP player if you make consistent deposits of higher amounts. Hence, you may get a chance of enjoying some additional privileges than those enjoyed by others.

No deposit bonuses
It is the direct opposite of the high deposit bonus concept. Here, the casinos will tend to reduce the deposit requirements to allow more people to try the website. As far as there is an unaffordable deposit limit, the casinos could not attract more customers. So, they have announced these kinds of benefits.

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It is beneficial to the casino house if you make a higher deposit than the expected limit, you can do so without hesitation.