You must have already tasted a variety of pies such as pizza, pumpkin pie, banana cream pie and so many more. This baked recipe makes a perfect dessert, particularly the sweet-tasting ones. For others, pie already suffices for lunch or supper. Kids enjoy eating pie during teatime or after playtime. Hence, this delightful dish is perfect for any type of meal; anyone will love the superb taste of this highly nutritious recipe that you can make in minutes.

You can also add meat to the pie. Chicken pot pie, for instance, comes with a rich filling made with chicken, vegetables, herbs, spices, milk and cream of mushroom. Because of the healthy ingredients of this pie, it is ideal for those who are looking for a truly satisfying recipe for everyday meals. Eating chicken pie is a much healthier alternative to feasting on fatty chips or extra sweet pastries.

There are many ways to make chicken pot pie. Several recipes vary in the ingredients and procedure to cook the pie; hence, you should check these out and choose the one that you think is the best one for you.

1. Chicken pie with many herbs and spices

Some recipes of this type of pie use a number of herbs such as parsley, oregano and onion. There are also other pot pie recipes that include garlic powder, pepper and thyme. These optional ingredients give the pie an additional taste that makes it extra special. Instead of just the natural good taste of chicken, the pie gets a different kind of aroma because of the right combination of the seasonings.

2. A variety of vegetables used in the pie

If you want to create a truly nutritious chicken pot pie, you may consider adding several vegetables such as carrots, green peas and potatoes. You can purchase from the supermarket your favorite brand of canned vegetables, which contain green peas, sweet corn and carrots. Simply drain the water before mixing in with the other ingredients. As for the potatoes, cut a whole piece into small cubes and combine it with the other vegetables.

3. Add in milk or cream of mushroom

Some chicken pie recipes use milk or mushroom soup. These ingredients provide a richer texture and taste to the pie. You may add these in your pie if you want to make the dish more flavorful. When using milk, be sure to keep the heat in low settings. This will prevent the milk from burning; moreover, low heat will allow the flavor to mix well with the rest of the ingredients.

Chicken pie is truly a fabulous treat for those who are looking for a healthy and delicious snack or dessert. The superb aroma and taste of the pie makes it appealing to both adults and kids. Moreover, you can create a unique taste to the pie; simply add in your choice of ingredients, as suggested in this article. Blend the seasonings, herbs and spices thoroughly to produce an even taste. With the ease in making this recipe, you will definitely want to have it as part of your weekly menu.

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