If you want to get an ideal hunting bow that has the perfect size, style, weight, and price, then you are in the very right place. In this article, I am going to guide you with some best quivers for you. You don’t have to spend hours choosing the best hunting bow. People waste much time to find a nice Quiver.

Quivers hold arrows. They lock the arrows individually into place. Moreover, Quivers are used to encasing arrows in a tube or container. You can hang Quiver from your belt and can also slug across your back.

We are going to compare four types of Quivers. That’s means, and you have four options. Safety is a must. Don’t forget to follow the safety measures. There is no difference between the Knight without armor and an Archer without a Quiver. On the archery range, you can see quivers that hold the arrows of Archers. Without wasting much time, I want to start the primary purpose of this article which is introducing you to the various types of Quivers. First of All, I want to tell you why Quivers are necessary. What kind of features Quivers have?

Features of Quivers

Quivers are designed to facilitate archers. The different types of Quivers are highly demanded all over the world. That is because of the exciting and useful features they have. I am going to explain some best features of Quivers. I am describing here only a few qualities of Quivers. But trust me, Quivers are helpful beyond your thoughts. Let me explain a few features of Quivers.

Some features of Quivers are given below:

• Quivers help to pull out arrows easily
• Quivers make it easy to load your bow
• Quivers protect blades from dirt
• Quivers covers edge to prevent injuries
• They are light in weight
• Quivers are available in different types

Types of Quivers

Every kind of Quiver has its place. We cannot say the one kind of Quiver is better than the other one. All the types of Quivers provide you with essential features. The four types of Quivers that I am going to explain re mentioned below:

1. Hip Quivers
2. Detachable Quivers
3. Back Quivers
4. Bow-Mounted Quivers
5. Traditional Quivers

We will talk about each of the types mentioned above one by one. I will try to explain every quality of Quiver with you in easy and straightforward forward words. I am sure after reading this article, and you will able to choose the best Quiver for protecting your arrows.

Hip Quiver

The first type of Quiver I am going to explain is the hip quiver as they are best. As it is evident by its name, you can attach them to a backpack, belt loop, or pocket. This type of Quivers is very comfortable and handy. If you want a hands-free Quiver, that I think this type is the best option for you. Consider putting a Hip Quiver, and your hands are completely free. That’s mean you will not have to bear a burden on your hands. Moreover, hip quivers can easily attach to your waist. You can attach them on a belt loop or around the belt. Many people want to know an answer to the question. For what purpose hip quivers designed? Hip quivers are designed very intelligently. You can pull out arrows from Hip Quivers while walking. The primary quality of this type of quiver is you have not to interfere with your arms while pulling out Arrows. Hip Quivers can also attach to your pent pocket. But for this purpose, you require a model clip. The clip helps to connect Hip Quiver with your pocket. Many of the professional archers recommend Hip Quivers. Because every archer has pockets for putting gloves and other accessories. So they can easily attach Quivers with their pockets using a clip.

On hot days, hips quivers are highly recommended by most of Hunters. The other remarkable feature in Hip Quivers is they can also attach to the backpacks. I think now you are aware of every little element in Hip Quivers. You are recommended by our team and me to get a Hip Quiver. There is no difference between hip quivers and side quivers. In other words, Hip Quivers are also known as side quivers. Put your Hip Quiver on your right or left side. It is all up to you. It’s your choice, and it does not matter from which hand you draw your bow. Choose the option which is more convenient for you. To make it easy to pull out your arrows, most Hip Quivers have tubes inside.

Bow-Mounted Quivers

If you are searching for a quiver, which you can attach at your bow, bow-Mounted Quivers are available. All the Compound Bow archers use this type of Quiver. The Bow-Mounted Quivers are specially designed for placing long Arrows. Besides, many bow users do not use Bow-Mounted Archers. Maybe they find some problems. But I am genuinely saying that I know many exciting qualities on Bow-Mounted archers. Like if you want to shoot multiple arrows in a short time of period, you can take advantage of Bow-Mounted Quivers. But I am going to share a disadvantage that I have experienced while using Bow-Mounted Quivers. A Bow-Mounted Quiver can only hold four or a maximum of six arrows. That is a problem. Like if you are a new archer and you need many indicators while practicing, you have to go and fill your Quiver again and again after some shots. This is irritating and wastage of time. Otherwise, Bow-Mounted Quivers are very comfortable and easy to put on and put off.

Bow mounted Quivers are less popular because you need a screwdriver or Allen wrench to detach them. But their light-weight is an excellent factor.

Back Quiver

The most famous and comfortable Quivers I am going to describe are Back Quivers. Everybody knows about Back Quivers as we watch them in various movies and Seasons. Most of Archers use this type of Quiver. If we talk about their look, I swear Back Quivers are cool and stylish. It does not matter whether you are a right-handed archer or a left-handed archer; you can use Back Quivers. I RECOMMEND YOU TO hang back Quiver over the right shoulder. So you can make access to your arrows as easily as possible. You will be glad to know that Back Quivers are cheap. But they have ample space to put arrows into them. You can store up to 24 darts. You can also place your accessories like gloves in several pouches the Back Quivers have. Don’t worry about the quality of Back Quivers. They are durable and long-lasting because microfiber is used in the manufacturing of Back Quivers.

Detachable Quivers

Detachable quivers are also one of the most common types of Quivers that have space to hold three to seven arrows. This type of Quivers are prevalent and recommended by most of the bow hunters. They are available in different styles and brands. The different styles and different brands of Quiver attach differently to bows. Moreover, you can click them into a specific place, or you can also lock some brands of Detachable Quivers into place. If you want a Quiver which can be attached and detach, Detachable quivers are the best option. The other important thing in Detachable quivers is that you can hang them nearby. If you are shooting using a Bow Quiver, you will be distracted because of heavy Wight on your bow. Being detachable, this type of Quiver is advantageous if you want to give relaxation to your bow.

The above paragraph explains the importance and features of Detachable Quivers. I am sure now you are aware of the benefits of Detachable Quivers. You can buy a Detachable quiver if you want to be a good archer. I am saying this because I have used detachable Quivers for many months and I am fully satisfied with them. The Detachable quivers provide necessary support and facility while shooting. No doubt, Detachable Quivers are very handy. But one thing you must do before purchasing a Detachable Quiver. Make sure the Detachable you are going to buy is sufficiently stable. Check the quality of the material. High quality should be used in the manufacturing of Detachable Quivers. They should be attached and detach easily. Check each and everything. Otherwise, you may face a problem while using Detachable Quivers. Find a secure place to hang Detachable Quivers in the Stand.

Traditional Quivers

Yes, you have read the exact words. Traditional Quivers are known all around the Globe. This type of Quivers is very comfortable, relaxed, and classy. The following trend is not a bad thing. If you want to be looked like a traditional archer, you should use traditional equipment, including a conventional Quiver. Traditional Quivers come in two types. They are back and side Quivers. Now you have not to sacrifice style and tradition while shooting. Many of the Archers want a nice looking Quiver with all the essential qualities in it. In the modern age, use the contemporary type of Quivers. Some traditional Quivers can be used as a side quiver as well as a back quiver.

But one thing I find missing in Traditional Quivers. Most of the traditional quivers don’t have a tube in it to place Arrows safe. That’s means you need to be careful while putting arrows in your traditional Quiver. That is because, without a tube in the traditional Quiver, the arrowheads can damage your Quiver.

Keep one thing in the notice. Don’t place broadheads in a traditional quiver. And I also would not use them.

Significant uses of Quivers

In a different situation, use different types of Quivers. All the professional archers do the same thing. They have several Quivers, and they use them to handle different situations. Let’s talk about different locations in which we use different Quivers.

1. Hip Quiver: We use hip quivers while practicing. Because while exercising, we are in need of many arrows. So we use hip quivers as they have vast space in them. And they can hold dozens of arrows. If you are a new archer, you will miss many shots. You need to do more and more practice. A few arrows can never allow you to practice more.

2. Bow Quivers: Many bowhunters use bow-mounted Quivers as they are light in weight.

3. Back Quivers: These Quivers are mostly used because of their low price and spacious room to carry more than 20 arrows.

4. Traditional Quivers: Traditional Quivers are used mainly because of their glossy look and modern style. They have both style and quality.

The Right Quiver for You

Many people ask me, “Which type of Quiver is best and right for me?” I want to say that it is all up to you. Choose the Quiver according to your need. All types of Quivers are explained above. You can compare them and can choose an ideal quiver for you. Some people don’t use Quivers. They hold arrows in their hands. That is not safe. The arrowheads can damage your hands. You should use a quiver. I suggest you a quiver having a tube inside it. If you are a new archer, use hip Quiver. I think quality is more important than style. Give priority to the Quality of the Quiver.


Hello Readers! I have explained the five major types of Quivers. You can choose one of them, but make sure to test Quiver before purchasing. I am a professional archer, and I have used all types of Quivers. My purpose is to give you guidance on Quivers. I am always available to guide you. Mention your problems in the comment section. And don’t forget to visit our Website ALITECHHUB. I love sharing my experience, knowledge, and information with everyone. Because it is rightly said, “Sharing is caring.”

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