Heart Problems are one of the most common found ailments in the world and now they are also very much more common in children.Heart disease is difficult enough when it strikes adults, but it can be especially tragic in children. Now a days there are many different types of heart problems that are affecting the children, which mainly includes congenital heart defects, viral infections, and disease acquired in childhood due to some other illnesses or even genetic syndromes. The top heart hospital of Patna offers the best treatment for the heart diseases that are found in children.

Here is a list of some common heart diseases found in children:
1.Congenital Heart Disease- It is a type of heart disease that children are born with and it is usually caused by the heart defects that are present at their birth only.

2.Eisenmenger Syndrome- It is a syndrome may that affects individuals with certain congenital heart defects.

3.Kawasaki Disease- It is a rare that cause inflammation in the blood vessels in the hands, feet, mouth, lips, and throat.

4.Heart Murmurs- This disease is caused by congenital heart defects, fever, or anemia.

5.Pericarditis- It is a condition that occurs when the pericardium surrounding the heart becomes inflamed or infected.

6.Atherosclerosis- In this kind of disease the fat and cholesterol-filled plaques get build up inside the arteries that causes blood clots as well as heart attacks.

7.Arrhythmias- In this disease thereis an abnormal rhythm of the heart, which furthercauses the heart to pump inefficiently.

8.Rheumatic Heart Disease- This disease is caused when the streptococcus bacteria that cause strep throat and scarlet fever is left untreated.

9.Viral Infections- Viruses, with respiratory illness or the flu, can also affect heart health of the children.

In some cases, even children can also suffer from a heart failure. However, it is not necessarily a hopeless condition. Many of the causes can be repaired. In such cases, it is very important that parents as well as family membersunderstand the causes and treatments in children. This to ensure that proper medical care is provided for heart failure. Presently, there are newer techniques and medications that are available as it is important that all the children with heart failure should be able to grow and lead active lives.The pediatric cardiologists that help the children to cope up with this disorder and lead a normal life after the treatment.

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