What is a smile makeover? This is the process of improving the appearance of the smile using one or a combination of cosmetic dentistry procedures like dental veneers, tooth implants, composite bonding and teeth whitening. To perform a smile makeover, some components that will be considered are your facial appearance, hair color, skin tone, teeth (color, shape, length, width and display), gum tissue and lips.

Treatments for a Smile Makeover

A smile makeover is done for many reasons and is customized according to your unique considerations. To determine the treatments needed, your dentist will ask you what you like or dislike about your teeth or your smile. Some of the aspects of your smile that your dentist can improve on with a smile makeover include the following:

• Tooth Color. Silver or amalgam fillings can be replaced with more natural-looking, tooth-colored composite restorations. Teeth whitening can also improve the color or dulled or stained teeth. Choosing the right color requires careful evaluation from your dentist with special consideration to the color and tone of your hair and face. Cosmetic dentists are skilled at determining the right balance between maintaining a natural color and giving you a whiter smile.
• Spacing and alignment. Teeth that are overlapping, crooked or have gaps in between can be aligned or straightened through Invisalign or orthodontics, and be improved with veneers are necessary.
• Missing teeth. Having one or more missing teeth can have a negative impact on the appearance of your smile. At the same time, it can also affect your bite and increase your risk for tooth decay. Because of this, replacement of a missing tooth is an important part of both facial aesthetics and oral health. Missing teeth can be replaced with partial dentures, bridges or dental implants.
• Balance and harmony. Cracked, chipped and uneven teeth can be bonded cosmetically to give it an improve its appearance. A gummy smile, on the other hand, can be recontoured to improve the overall look of the smile.
• Fuller lips, cheeks and smile. An aging or unshapely face by be rejuvenated or improved using certain procedures in a smile makeover, such as with oral maxillofacial surgery and orthodontics.

A cosmetic dentist will closely work with you to come up with a treatment plan specially designed to achieve what you want from the smile makeover. This plan may consist or several functionally-restorative and cosmetic procedures, which can include teeth whitening, veneers, composite bonding, orthodontics, dental crowns, gummy smile reduction and maxillofacial surgery.

Cost of a Smile Makeover

The duration and cost of your smile makeover treatment will vary depending on your location, dentist, dental insurance, oral health and extent of the customized makeover plan. The treatment may take longer and cost you more if your dentist sees any underlying oral issues before starting treatment.

Maintaining a Smile Makeover

The procedures of cosmetic dentistry require regular oral hygiene care. There are also those that may maintenance over time: teeth whitening have to be repeated to maintain brightness, veneers can chip off and require replacement, composite bonding can stain and require enhancement, and dental crowns require replacement after about 10 years.

The cosmetic dentist, lab technician, and the materials chosen for your smile makeover procedures also has a big impact on the longevity. Therefore, to get the best possible results, take special care in choosing the professionals to do the procedure on you, and ask about your material options.

Before creating a plan for your smile makeover, you will have to go through a thorough evaluation of your oral health. Your dentist will look into your gums, teeth, bite and underlying support structure to determine your candidacy for a smile makeover. Any problems or issues your dentist encounter will have to be taken care of your first.

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