What Are the Top-Ten Worst Human Fears?

Who cares? Inquiring Minds must know.

#10. is the mind-boggling fear of Public Speaking and being unprepared.
# 9. is the stomach-churning fear of Heights and maybe falling off the roof.
# 8. is the panic attack by the thought of Claustrophobia (locked in a small space).
# 7. is creepy insects like roaches, spiders and bedbugs.
# 6. is Dr. Frankenstein inserting a 2-foot Needle (hypodermic) in our ….
# 5. is the touch of Rats chewing on your body.
# 4. is not flying, but crashing while a passenger in an Airplane.
# 3. is being eaten alive by a pack of vicious Dogs.
# 2. is the fear of being struck by Lightning – and sliced down the middle.
# 1. is the heart-throbbing sensation your Doctor is going to say - the Big-C.

Weird Knowledge

Want to 2x (double) your long-term memory? All it takes is learning how to use
this baby-easy Peg-System. It is exclusively for Inquiring Minds.

#1. is Running. Make a mental-movie of you running the NYC Marathon.
#2. is Throwing. Produce a mental-visualization of you throwing-out the runner.
#3. is Peeing. See an elephant releasing his urine and flooding the river.
#4. is Scoring. See the athletic you - crossing the goal line carrying the winning football.
#5. is Fighting. Imagine what Mohammed Ali would have done to your kidneys.
#6. is Striking. Picture Striking your worst enemy with a karate kick. He stays down.
#7. is Sleeping. View a mental-movie of 8-hours of dramatic sleep.
#8. is Mating. Can you picture two porcupines very carefully Mating?
#9. is a Swine: See a 600 pound prize-winning Porker driving a Spaceship.
10. is a Hen. Remember the rhyme – ten is a hen. Now remove two-eggs.
0. is a Hero. Zero is our Hero. Originated by Arabic mathematicians.

How To Substitute

According to Mark Twain, “the mind hates remembering numbers.” 90% of
adults screw up numbers, but can encode verb substitutes and double their long-term memory.

Exxon-Mobil closed today at $65.19. If you are not Jim Cramer of CNBC, the price has already disintegrated from your 3-pound coconut. Picture your local Exxon station with the following digits attached.

See the mechanics striking (Striking is #6) and fighting (Fighting is #5) with scabs (Strike-Breakers), and the police. ($65). That’s baby-easy, right?

Add the change: See Mickey Mouse running (Running is #1) after a 600-pound swine (Swine is #9) screaming “Bacon – Bacon.” That’s the 19 cents. Remember, the brain thinks in Pictures, not numbers.

Too much trouble? Practice turning digits into the Peg-words for only ten-minutes, and it becomes a Game, Fun, and Play, not work. Your brain loves memory strategies. Remember you only have to learn the Peg Words once, and they work for 10,000 different memories.

Your Single Greatest Daily Decision

New research at the Universities of Miami and Florida contain Killer! knowledge for Inquiring Minds: whether you see activities as either an obligation to work or
as an opportunity to have fun (play-games) decides success or failure.

One-more-once: your attitude, mood, and belief whether what you are attempting
is an obligation-to-work or an opportunity to experience ‘fun-play-games’.

Example: losing ten-pounds of ugly fat through self-control.

If your nonconscious mind sees dieting as Work, a Job, or a Demand, your effort at
self-control is 90/10 guaranteed to fail. Hold it – we have all experienced failure in
long-term dieting and its maintenance – how do you turn it into Games-Fun-Play?

Make your significant-other join you in the contest to win a real prize. Smile and laugh together about the pitfalls of dieting. Celebrate diet-free weekends together.

Career Outcomes

If you run an office team to produce solutions to company challenges, you need a committed team dedicated 24/7 to creativity, right? Google is presently selling at $601.45. Experts expect Google to reach $900 per share in early 2011.

Google management ‘walks-the-walk’ of Games-Fun-Play.

What has their price got to do with Games-Fun-Play? They treat their executives
like precocious ten-year olds. How? The company provides Free lunch and healthy snacks 24/7, extra days off, and ping-pong tables in the Entertainment center.

What else? Contests and Prizes to the most productive executives. Wait – is this work or play?

Imagine have one-day weekly to research your own thing at work, not the company’s projects?
Google implemented a Free (Do Your Own Thing) Day since their inception. The CEO and Board of Directors believe it drove their stock to over $600.


Dr. J. Laran, University of Miami and his team had their latest research published in the scientific Journal of Consumer Research – 9.21.2010.

Bottom Line:

Executives with low self-control (immediate or postponed gratification) perceive days in the office as an Obligation to Work. Successful executives look forward to the daily office experience as an opportunity to meet their pals, and have Games-Fun-Play.

Emotional Vocabulary

The words - Games-Fun-Play are emotionally charged. Like producing a smile on
your face (genuine or fake), these words and a smile excite your hormones, enzymes and neuropeptides for health and longevity. They improve your mood, attention and arousal for success.

When the word Fun is included in the initial project instructions, even executives with low self-control improve their end product and drive outcomes up 30%. These power words contain an electrical signal to the brain to Play not Work.

Examples of incentives that motivate executives to greater creativity and success are:
a) two-hour lunch hours.
b) three-day weekends
c) free company weekend cruise to Nowhere.
d) paid up day at the spa or gym for your significant other.
e) $1,000 donation to executive’s favorite charity.


There is a conflict in our lives between what we actually control, and our illusion
of control. The fact is family, society and friends program (condition) us.
What about the media (5-hours of daily TV), schoolteachers, and management?

We do in fact control our thoughts and whether we act on them.

It is of prime importance to remember that our thoughts produce our emotions,
and emotions lead to our outcomes and results. Your conscious mind can VETO
objectional thoughts and operate in harmony and cooperation with our powerful
nonconsciousness. It is yourconscious choice and decision.
Your beliefs, principals, and thinking patterns, together with your judgments,
convictions and deeply held opinions – create your moods, attitudes and feelings.

See ya,

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