Calgary is one of the youngest cities in Canada, which was settled in 1875. It might have settled in that time, but the population started rising in the early ’70s, and the population has doubled since then. Calgary is a very beautiful and young city, which is full of different things to do and a lot of adventures to live. It has a lot of Urban nature in the city and also has two villages in the city instead of just one, which is common in most of the cities. Calgary hotels are very luxury and they if you are visiting this place, you will get to experience the best hotels around the world here.

Rocky Mountaineer Rail Journey

This rail runs between Calgary and Vancouver. This is the most luxurious ride that you will enjoy in your life with the most breath-taking views. In summer, when the river is clear, and the trees are free of all the snow, the mountains at a distance add the perfect end with their tips covered in snow. If you are in Calgary and want to try something new and amazing, you cannot take this off your wish list.

Heritage Park

It is a typical village, which still has a lot of historical buildings in it. These buildings come from different time zones like from the 1860 to 1930s town square. You can visit this place easily by traveling through a steam engine. This trip does not only give you more sense of the area and give you a better sense of the village life back in the days; this ride is also an adventure in its self. It is present close to a Glenmore Reservoir. It is very popular in different things such as canoeing, rowing, and sailing.

Prince's Island Park

It is a large green space, which is located very close to the Bow River. People who come here often pay one visit to both the places and make this visit the most perfect to Calgary. These two forms one giant attraction for all the visitors who decide to visit this place whenever they like.

This park has the perfect pedestrian area along with the biking tracks too so the visitors can come and visit this place at any time they want.

Calgary Tower

Calgary Tower is a very famous tower in Canada. At the top of the Calgary Tower, which is almost 191 meters high and offers a full 360 view of the whole city. You can view the whole city from the above and enjoy all the details, and there is a top quality restaurant at the top too where you can dine while looking out the windows. This was the highest building in the city until 1984. It might not be the tallest building anymore now, but it still is the best place to view the whole city fold in front of your eyes.

You can stand on this tower to enjoy all the sunsets and sunrises. This would also make one of the most romantic places to visit if you are traveling with your spouse.

Fish Creek Provincial Park

This is a park still full of nature. When all the people get tired of all of the Urban life and want to go close to nature to de-stress themselves, they often come to this park as it is still so close to nature. All the plants here are natural, and the animals can often also be seen here roaming. There are also a great number of heritage buildings present inside the park.

Aero Space Museum of Calgary

Canadian aviation history is rich and especially the development of it in Western Canada. This museum highlights different points on it and shows us how Canada improved its air transport and expanded this business in the country. The pilot who fought in the World War 2 started this museum and now, this has expanded to a bigger level. People now come here to see not only planes but also simulators, radio equipment, aviation art radios, aviation history, and information, etc.

This museum is located very close to the Calgary building and can be recognized easily as it is present in a very big building.

The Military Museums

All kinds of militaries are very important to people from all countries. Their militaries are what describe them the best and people are always keen to know more about their history. Canada has made a special museum to highlight their army, navy and air force and highlight their achievements.

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