The call center industry is in the market since the existence of telemarketing. Later on, as competition increased, the customer care and support became the priority. Also, it became necessary to be rapid in calling prospects and attending customer concerns. This basic need invented a call center solution. As the demand of customers changed, innovations took place in the call center solutions as well. The latest innovation in this industry is an intelligent call center solution.

The intelligent call center solution usually has all features of the standard call center software. Furthermore, it furnishes additional features in it to benefit its users. Regardless of the fact that you want to use an intelligent call center software or a standard call center solution, it is necessary to understand its top components. In this article, you will learn about the top 4 components available in the intelligent call center software, which are the most important part of this solution:

1. Call routing rules

The call center solutions are used to make sure the customer reaches to the right agent or executive so the resolution can be achieved faster. The call routing rules are designed to achieve this goal. The intelligent call center software usually have more call routing rules than the standard one and each rule performs a specific type of call routing. For example, the Sticky Agent call routing rule is used to route the call to the same agent every time for a specific customer.

2. Call center dialer

The call center dialer can be a manual dialer or an automated dialer. The call center dialers are used to call the numbers of the stored contact list, also known as a lead list, or a random number received from contact as a reference or other point of contact. The auto dialer dials the numbers automatically and hands over the calls to the agents. There are different types of auto dialers available in different call center solutions. Based on the type of campaign, a dialer can be chosen. Some dialers such as predictive dialer make sure to route the call to the agent only if it is attended by a human.

3. Call controls

The call controls are basic call related functions such as call mute and un-mute, attended call transfer, call forwarding, call recording, etc. These are necessary features to make sure the customer calls are attended in a well defined and professional manner.

4. Reports

Many people don’t consider the report feature that much important. However, this is one of the best features and has to be there in all call center solutions as it is available in the intelligent call center software. The reports are used to gauge performance and take important decisions.

These are the top 4 components of a call center solution. Each component has multiple sub-features. The intelligent call center software usually gives the best and a wider range of features to its users.

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