What is creatinine?

Increased creatinine in kidney disease is a sign of kidney weakness or kidney failure. As kidney failure increases - creatinine goes on increasing.

Creatinine is a type of waste that comes out of the muscles.This process of muscles takes place in all of our bodies - and while filtering our blood,the kidneys remove creatinine from the blood. And this extra creatinine comes out of the body with urine.The amount of creatinine in your body depends on your muscle mass, i.e., it can also depend on your gender, your age, and your body type.

But when our kidneys become weak and are unable to filter appropriately, then creatinine starts accumulating in the blood. And, slowly, it spoils the whole health.Kidney activity and the amount of creatinine in the body are interlinked. Thus,Increasing creatinine means decreasing kidney function.

Doctors also check the amount of creatinine in our blood to prevent kidney function. Having high creatinine is considered a sign of kidney failure or severe kidney disease.

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What are the symptoms of high creatinine in the blood?

Shortness of breath, swelling of hands, swelling of face, loss of body water, blood infection, urine infection, not being able to concentrate on one's work, always being confused - all these can be symptoms of increased creatinine.

Not only these, but increased creatinine in the body also increases your blood pressure and blood sugar levels. In such a situation, there is more pressure on your kidney, and kidney function decreases further.

To prevent/cure creatinine of increasing, it is essential to identify the causes behind it.

The causes of increasing creatinine are

  • Diet. The biggest reason for increasing creatinine is to consume your high protein diet even if the kidneys are weak. You should eat light food in kidney disease or any problem related to the kidney. Low protein fruits and vegetables should be consumed.By having more protein in the body, muscles make more creatinine.
  • Vigorous exercises mean that the muscles and bones are under pressure can also increase creatinine because it stresses muscles and increases the rate of muscle metabolism and creatinine level.
  • 3. If you think that creatinine is increased only by a high protein diet or by exercises that increase muscle pressure, it is not so. Dehydration, i.e., lack of water in the body, can also be the main reason for increasing creatinine. Due to lack of water in the body, the kidneys cannot remove creatinine with urine, and due to this, the amount of creatinine in the blood increases.
  • Just as increasing creatinine is a sign of kidney disease - in the same way, any problem related to the kidney is caused due to increase in creatinine levels, and as discussed prior, these two are interlinked.
  • In some people, kidney problems are also genetic that can also increase the production of creatinine in the body.
  • Apart from this, your unhealthy lifestyle and bad eating habits can also be the reason for increasing creatinine.

So, these were some common reasons due to which the creatinine level increases and the kidney problem is born.

The right treatment for increased creatinine

Talking about its allopathic treatment, so allopathic doctors have only two treatments for kidney disease - Dialysis and Kidney transplant. And, if you too think that these are only two options to cure kidney disease, then this is not true.

Ayurvedic science can cure all kidney-related problems and diseases!

Ayurvedic medicine for reducing creatinine in the blood

If you are searching for a permanent solution for the creatinine level, at that point, Ayurveda will be the best answer for you. By usage of herbs and other natural ingredients, Ayurvedic creatinine level treatment will help you stay away from major surgeries. By changing your lifestyle and taking appropriate Ayurvedic medicine, there will not be any need to get a kidney transplant or other major surgeries.

Ayurvedic medicine for reducing creatinine in the blood restores the natural electrolyte balance. Besides, a kidney patient should be aware of the correct dietary changes for a speedy recovery.

Ayurvedic treatment for creatinine helps to maintain the correct level of creatinine in the blood when your kidneys are not functioning well. This is because ayurvedic medicines work on the root cause of the problem and eliminate it. Ayurvedic medicines use herbal extracts that repair damaged kidney cells. Utilizes natural concentrates that assistance in fixing the harmed cells of the kidney. They are organic diuretics and help to remove creatinine from the body altogether.

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Creatinine is the end product of creatine. Ayurvedic medicine for reducing creatinine in the blood can be helpful to reduce its complications.