Driving a truck, tractor or a car is commonplace among people residing in Australia.  Whether it is about taking a long leisure trip, driving the tractor for solving a purpose of some kind of farming activity or simply picking your loved ones from the airport, driving is an activity which you can’t avoid. Moreover, the activity doesn’t only entail sitting behind the steering wheel, it demands having proper knowledge about safe driving. Although the rules are more or less the same across Australia, however some variations may be observed with respect to regions.

Driving safely across Victoria

Any palace in the world will have its own set of safety rules for drivers, and the state of Victoria in Australia is no exception to this. The state demands its drivers to be responsible and knowledgeable. Hence even if you feel confident while riding your vehicle down the road it is vital that you always keep a check on yourself. Following safety rules is not just for your own safety but others wellbeing too should not be overruled. When travelling across Victoria, like in any other state in Australia, you need to follow the following tips….

Staying to the left

Although this might seem like an obvious piece of advice to you since all these years you have been driving your car to the left of the road but we would still recommend that you follow this throughout your life whenever you drive a car. There are drivers who get confused between their native country rules and those that are followed in Australia. Hence there is a chance that these drivers may take a drift to the right. Sticking to your left is considered a vital step to successful and safe driving which a driving school in Glen Waverley may teach you.

Keep your eyes on animals

In Australia there are lots of wild as well as farmed animals which have a tendency to cross roads. Their wandering tendency may lead you to accidentally meeting up with a wild animal. It’s a prevalent scenario occurring especially during dawn, dusk and night when they come out on roads in search of food or to relax. Be wary of situations that may lead to massive accidents. Every driving school in Victoria will teach you all about how you can seek safety measures to avoid meeting wildlife while driving. Besides, experts may recommend that you avoid driving your car during dark to prevent unlikely encounters.

Being aware of school areas

Whether it is about driving in Australia or any other country, drivers ought to stay careful when they are driving near schools. If you are a resident of Australia, you must already know about the prevalent speed limits. Paying heed to the speed limit takes you a step forward to achieving safe driving tricks. Driving within the speed limit reduces chances of accidents with school kids. Some locations have temporary enforcement on speed limit which is imposed during specific timings of days and nights. During these hours you should lower the speed of your car to avoid unlikely incidents. Any reputed driving school in Cranbourne  like in any other place in Victoria would teach its trainees about the particulars of these driving rules and norms.

Halt at safe photo stops

Australia being one of the most vetted tourist destinations, lures tourists from all over the world, who literally enjoy the landscape of the country. This might at times urge them to stop over randomly and take snaps of the view or click selfies. However, little do they realise that halting randomly can lead to accidents.

These are some vital driving rules which drivers in Australia should follow.

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The author runs a driving school in Cranbourne. In recent times the author has been sharing rules and norms about safe diving.