The following are the responsibilities that a heavy equipment mechanic is supposed to undertake at all circumstances!

  • The mechanic cannot just take the repairs. They are liable to diagnose the faults using specialized computerized equipments that are used for testing purposes.
  • Before the task of repairing, they must know how to do heavy vehicle inspection in Botany and other such places in order to know the cause behind such repairs. So inspection of the trucks, bulldozers and other such heavy vehicles is necessary!
  • The next in the list is being able to adjust the faulty equipments. Once the cause is diagnosed, the mechanic must be well versed in removing the faulty parts and replacing them with new ones!
  • Not all damaged parts are meant to be replaced. It is the mechanic’s duty to see if the damaged parts can be repaired or not, if they can be repaired then it is better to repair them rather than getting them replaced.

  • One important duty or responsibility of such mechanics is to drive to the job site. They must not only possess the skill of being a mechanic but also know the skill of driving such heavy vehicles!
  • Another responsibility that falls down the line is the cleaning, lubrication and the regular routine checks of the heavy vehicles.
  • The cleaning of the individual parts such as the blades, winches and even the side booms. It is important to clean up these parts!
  • An important responsibility of the mechanics apart from the servicing and cleaning is doing the major repair work whenever necessary.
  • It is also the lookout of the mechanics to consult with their fellow colleagues wherever they find themselves stuck. Taking suggestions is always helpful!
  • If the management is at fault then the reporting of faulty equipments must be made at once to the concerned authorities!

So if you are the owner of the heavy vehicle then the following requirements must be fulfilled when you think of going to a heavy vehicle mechanic in Botany or any other place:

  • The mechanic must possess either a high school diploma or must have GED qualification! If the mechanic lacks this, then it is a red flag!
  • Being a heavy equipment mechanic, the person must possess a certification in Heavy Equipment Mechanic.
  • Any service provider must be experienced as with experience comes expertise and great knowledge! So look for the one who has some proven experience either of a Diesel Equipment Mechanic or a Heavy Equipment Mechanic!
  • He or she must possess sound knowledge and understanding of computer testing technologies. A lot of equipments are based on computerized checking as manual ones are not preferred these days.
  • It is not necessary that the mechanics have to be muscular, but since they will have to lift heavy equipments and machines, so if they are underweight then they are most likely to be least preferred.
  • Last but not the least, the mechanic must be an effective communicator! To be able to listen to the queries and make the clients understand the problem, the mechanics must have good communication skills!
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The author runs a business providing 24x7 truck breakdown and other heavy vehicle maintenance and repair services. He also regularly writes blogs to inform the people about the latest maintenance tips and tricks.