In foreign countries, one might find it hard to land a loan since they do not understand the loan requirements of the loan. Not enough, some banks might not give you loan credits to foreigners depending on their earnings and permit type. We, at times, need loans to use them for personal expenses while in foreign lands. Online loans are helpful, and they need you to make a careful consideration of the requirements for you to earn these loans to qualify. Therefore, the article will help you understand what a foreigner requires to get a loan.

• Have a valid work pass or the employment letter from the company

Most banks would consider people who come to foreign countries to work, for the loan. Therefore, you need to have an up to date work pass that is recognized in the country. When you have this work permit, then the bank will go ahead and process your loan since they know the reason why you are inside the country. The consent is also proof that you are eligible to make payment of the loan and also helps the lender determine the loan amount to give. To get this permit, sometimes you will be required to be 21-55 years of age, and this might mean that no loan can be issued to those foreigners outside that age bracket.

In a case where the foreigner does not have a work permit, then they can request the companies where they work to issue them the employer-employee agreement to get the loan.

• Be at least 21 years of age.

Banks can only give loans to foreigners with ages 21 and above. A person of less than this age is not able to get the loan because they do not merit working in these countries. Therefore, they do not have the work permit and the other relevant documents that the banks and other credit institutions need.

• Have bank statements

The foreigner should hold bank statements of their banking since they landed in the country and this will help them get the loan since the banks will verify them and understand how much they can be able to pay back. Bank statements carry information regarding the transactions that the foreigner made. Therefore, with the bank statements, the loan institution will be able to understand the worth of the foreigner. How worth the foreigner is determining how much loan he can get.

• Have a photocopy of a passport.

The passport helps the lender to know how long the foreigner will stay in the country. So, to get the foreigner to pay the entire loan before they leave, they look at the passport, and the work permit expiry, and they decide the right loan to give a foreigner. The bank ensures that they provide a loan for a foreigner, but he must pay to it within the duration that he is residing in the country. For instance, if a foreigner is leaving after a year, then the bank will issue a loan that should be repaid before that duration is over.

• Produce bank pay slips for at least three months

Bank pay lips tell the lender how much you have been earning and how much you can pay if issued with the loan. So, for a foreigner to get a loan, they must give out the bank pay slips to help verify this information.

• Proof of tenancy agreement

The foreigner might also need to have evidence of the transactions made between them and the landlords or any document that can be used to prove that they reside in the country. These documents can be phone bills, electricity bills, or any other utility bills. Bills receipts and any other utility bill receipt carry some proof that one resides in that area. It is also proof that you have been living around that area. With these documents, the bank will have an idea of where you live and where to get you in case you defy loan repayment.

• Have a guarantor

In most cases, because the banks and the financial institutions do not know you, they might ask you to have a guarantor. This guarantor will sign against his name. In case the banking institution loses track of you, they contact him. When you have a guarantor, it might mean higher chances of getting the loan. Without a guarantor, the loan institution might find it hard to understand where to see you.

Therefore, it is crucial that when you plan to ask for a loan, you prepare everything, including having a guarantor and make sure that you check to get instant quote online.Though most banking institutions do not ask for a guarantor as a requirement, in some cases, they send foreigners back home so that they come with a guarantor.

• Fill forms and submit all the files needed.

When everything is ready, it is time to try your loan application. You may need to make the application online or in-person before an agent or teller. Whichever way used, the procedure for evaluation is the same. Though being at the bank in person helps you get to understand what you might not have done as opposed to doing it online. When making the application online, the steps might not be thoroughly done, and you might miss some requirements in the process. For example, over the online platform, you might lose to submit the required quality of the passport. The loan can be nullified due to small reasons.


If you are looking to apply for a loan now, you understand the best practice you can take. Have the right documents ready? When you have all these documents, head to the bank without fear and make the application. Give it time, and the bank will respond. When the loan is issued, remember to pay back so that you clear your name for future loans. You should make the best choice regarding which bank to use and which loan item to use. Success in your application.

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