A lot of people have found themselves sitting in a timeshare sales presentation while enjoying their holiday annually. This is because, timeshare corporations promise gift cards, free event tickets and even free Disney World tickets to consumers who are willing to sit through the presentation. Most of the time, these timeshare sales presentations are jam packed with high pressure sales tactics that give consumers a false sense of urgency to purchase the timeshare.

Thinking that it was a great investment, a lot of Americans decide to buy the timeshare. After waiting a couple years for property appreciation, these consumers tend to make the decision to sell their timeshares. sadly, these Americans find out that it's not easy to go about selling timeshares.

The biggest reason selling a timeshare is so difficult is the simple law of supply and demand. Throughout past couple decades, many timeshare corporations have put everything they had into expansion to different cities, states and countries building more and more timeshares. This created a huge supply of timeshares to people.

Once all of these new timeshares were built, the unfortunate downfall of the worlds economy took form. The housing market fell at an astronomical rate, the unemployment rate skyrocketed higher than it had since the Great Depression and people were afraid to spend a penny. This aspect brought the demand of timeshares amongst consumers to an overwhelming low.

Looking at the simple law of supply and demand, it is easy for people to see why it is so hard to sell timeshares these days. Consumers are just more interested in putting food on the table and keeping a roof over the heads of their family. These days, holiday is a luxury that the vast majority of Americans just can't afford to enjoy.

So, what do consumers do when they have a timeshare but the mortgage and maintenance fees are starting to create a financial hardship? The answer is simple, timeshare cancellation will most likely be your best bet. Timeshare cancellation is the process of deeding a timeshare back to the developer due to discrepancies in the sales process and contract associated with the timeshare.

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