Let’s admit it! The pandemic has changed lives. We have started adopting the “new normal” strategies. Even the roles of security guards have changed amidst the pandemic with an aim to control the spread. Security professionals are currently witnessing a stark change as they are asked to assist communities, this time with a different approach. Combating Covid 19 isn’t as easy. However with changing security roles, professionals are offering their optimum best to ensure communities stay safe amidst such an outbreak. 

The Multifarious Roles Played by Security Professionals in Such Outbreak 

Such unprecedented times are demanding security firms across the world to take up roles and act differently. From planning and executing logistics to managing some of the biggest critical care departments, security professionals are extending their support to different arenas ensuring that communities are safe. Meanwhile they are also seen focussing on local patrols for free ensuring that premises are safe, assisting the elderly in times of emergency, when the lockdown is leaving the latter with little choice for survival; security professionals are indeed the saviours we need today. 

How Security Guards Are Playing Their Part Outside Stores 

Recent times are seeing changes in every sphere. As such trying moments turn intense security companies in Gold Coast are deploying professionals at entry and exit points of retail stores to ensure safe distancing. They are limiting the number of entries while ensuring that physical contact is restricted. While previously these professionals would emphasise more on retail guarding, the pandemic has urged security companies to roll out guarding strategies which are completely different. Earlier they would focus more on loss prevention as well as employee safety; yet lately they are seen expanding their limit of operations by ensuring that pandemic rules are well applied and maintained. 

Today, markings are installed at supermarkets. The markings are installed at every two meters distance. These markings are meant to ensure that customers maintain spacing while standing in a queue. Furthermore store managers are ensuring that protocols are observed. Crowd control technologies are implemented at entrances to restrict the number of entries. Only a few people at a time are allowed to enter a store. Additionally, guards posted at entrances help maintain such protocols. 

Patrolling Services

Other than guarding access points of stores, security officers are also seen offering patrolling services to ensure communities stay safe during the lockdown. Mobile patrols have become a necessity nowadays owing to which shuttered and empty business grounds inclusive of retail stores, factories and offices are able to remain safe. Among various other roles offered by a proficient security guard, CCTV monitoring and responding to emergency scenarios are considered vital. 

In addition to this, security guard companies in Gold Coast are training experts to offer protection against access and handling of highly vulnerable products. The recent protocols urge security guards to constantly screen crowds entering premises. A recent study has shown that some companies offering security solutions already owned a steadfast infrastructure, equipped to handle different challenging scenarios. As a result the outbreak could hardly influence their operations.

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