One of the fastest growing cities in the country and that too at international standards, Gurgaon or Gurugram as its recently changed name has seen a massive flow of population in these recent years. Following the huge head count, the real estate sector has seen a sudden rise in investment from all parts of the country as well as overseas. The working class is constantly on a hunt to fetch the best property in Gurgaon.
But the increased demand has also increased the price. The rate at which this model city is developing it won’t come as a surprise if these rates touch sky in the coming years. And so, if you are planning to buy a house, this is the right time for you.

The Perks of Gurgaon

Rapid Metro

To be very specific, the rapid metro which runs for a total of 11.7 kms, having stops at 11 stations connects the most developed areas of Gurgaon to the Yellow line which goes all the way to Delhi up till Sambalpur Badli. This development ensures smooth and trouble free commute to all the working class who travel back and forth from Delhi to Gurgaon on a daily basis.

Cyber Hub

Just like the name, this area is indeed the hub for all of the national and international private firms and the structure of the multistory buildings give you a feel of being in a place all too new for India. There have been shocking reactions by people, some claiming it to be completely not fitting in a place like Gurgaon.

Job Opportunity

With major firms and brand names having their offices in this city, it is no surprise that there are tons of job opportunities to explore here. The night shift life is wildly common in all parts of Gurgaon. And the day jobs are not so bad themselves. Good wage and many options to choose from is what makes this city a magnet for freshers.

Cons that cannot be ignored

Although the city is rapidly developing, there are unavoidable things that need to be considered before you make that investment. These cons vary from the population to pollution and can be daunting when pondered upon.

Pollution at its peak

With the ever going construction and increased number of vehicles running to catch the 9 o’clock punch in, the air is Gurgaon is more smoke than oxygen. Thick layers of dust cover almost everything and no matter how hard you try to cover yourself and you precious vehicles, the dust will get you. Hundreds of people with masks on their face, trying to breath the filtered air is a common sight in the city and the harmful effects are massive to change your decision of buying a place here.

No public transportation for the farther sides

The rapid metro covers only a portion of the city and the farther areas do not have any developed transportation ways for the locals to travel. It is hassle everyday. Cabs rule the commute business and with no alternatives or worse ones, people are forced to pay unbearable prices if they wish to travel somewhere within the city. The situation worsens in the peak hours as cabs shamelessly double the price and are very tedious to book. The traffic only adds to the worsening of conditions. The only way to make things work is by staying close to your office and if you have a family that puts up at a different location then you are doomed to get stuck in traffic or cab booking fiasco everyday.

The darkness that follows

Burglars, rapists, murderers all lurk in the shadows of the big building constructed as a front for this city whilst the vast areas of Gurgaon still remain underdeveloped. Law and order is hardly followed and the locals continue to be rigid and rude. It is better to avoid any confrontation with the locals, let alone make their problems your business.

It is a long way to go for Gurgaon to built itself up as one of the metropolitan cities in the country but the areas that have already been worked upon can be considered as an option to invest in as these have been developed to international standards.

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