Every city in the world has a unique vibe attached to it, which is certainly new to the outsiders. Whether you go to New York, New Delhi, or Mumbai, you will always find a few distinct things that will attract you back to that place or may repel you forever. The Indian metropolitan, Mumbai, is such a place that has managed to attract Indians and foreigners alike since decades. Thousands of people seek a home in this magnificent city, and millions of others come to travel here. Just by spending a week or more in Mumbai, you will learn about a few things that are a norm in the city, and you should certainly acquaint yourself to these things.

Not being too interested

If you come to any part of India for the first time, you will find that Indians are quite curious to know about your origins and your native city. The same is the fact in Mumbai, but the only difference is that Mumbai-kars are never too interested to know too much about you. Even if you come from countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan, they will never care too much about your personal life unless you are evil to them.

Local trains

The local trains or the Mumbai local, as they call it, is a convenient and quick way to reach anywhere you want. Yet, the worst part about these trains is that they become over-crowded during peak hours. You need to learn the art of entering and exiting the train, even though staying inside the train is even tougher than that. People often push you badly if you are standing at the wrong place, often near the gate when you have no intentions of moving in or out.

Sky-high housing rent

Renting a complete apartment in Mumbai is possible for you only when you earn a filthy handsome income every month. You cannot afford to pay for a home in a posh locality if you earn just a few thousands in the city. Air bnb, hotels, and rented apartments are often very expensive for the travelers, even in the second-class localities.

Hookups are common

If you come to Mumbai from the western countries, couples living in an apartment to share the rent will not shock you. However, it will take you to another heights of shock to see two strangers from the opposite genders living under the same roof, if you come to Mumbai even from India or any other Asian country.

Traffic is massive

It is true that the traffic situation is so bad in Mumbai that you can barely drive for a kilometers at a decent speed. During peak hours, you will have to manage driving your car at the speed of a snail. Nevertheless, travelers often hire Self-Drive Cars to travel in the city during non-peak hours and out of Mumbai during weekends.

Get any work done

Talented people in any possible stream are present in thousands in number in Mumbai. Whether you are a traveler or a working professional, you can get anything you ask for. Need a rocket, you can have it. Need a cow dung cake, don’t worry; amazon can deliver it to your home.

Food for thought

Ask for any cuisine in the world, you can get in in Mumbai because of the presence of international restaurants. The famous cuisines from every Indian state is available in abundance in the state, which is a bliss for the foodies.

Mumbai is a city under construction, which is a great sight to see for the outsiders. It certainly feels good to see a country developing at such a high pace.


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