A common dilemma that smokers have is whether or not to have a smoking kit or not. There are a lot of perks of having a smoking kit. A complete collection of all relevant and useful accessories is all that a smoker craves for. It is not feasible to ask the others for lighters or rolling papers, but having one of your own will certainly make you the star of the show.



A lot of people these days prefer all in one smoking kit as this helps them to store all smoke related accessories in one place. There is no limit to devices that makes smoking easy but one must be sure from where to start and what to purchase. This article helps to highlight the must have accessories that a quality smoking kit should possess.

  • Rolling paper kit is an important component of your smoking kit. Lots of customizable options are available for you to choose from such as the ones made of wood pulp, hemp and even rice extracts. Rolling paper form the most important part of your doobie accessories. The rolling papers taste different based on what they are made of and also they burn much slowly if they are made of hemp. You may also invest on a rolling paper with a glass filter as it helps in the ease of rolling your puffs.
  • Be it made of plastic or aluminum, a grinder comes in lot of varieties. The plastic grinders are super cheap whereas the aluminum ones are more durable and long lasting. It does not retain the smell or any kind of residue, and this makes it easier to clean them. Also the aluminum grinders have scratch resistant surface that looks way more aesthetically appealing than the low quality plastic ones.
  • Another mandate of a quality smoke kit is the stash box. Well many might not think of it to be an important accessory but it comes with multiple benefits. Suppose you wish to keep your prized weed and herbs from prying eyes then you can easily keep them inside the stash box! A stash box is designed to keep the weeds fresher for a longer time. It is super light and quite handy even when you are travelling places. 
  • A lighter and an ash tray are the traditional that are absolutely necessary for the smoking kit. These days you get multiple options to choose from! They come in various shapes and art factual sizes. An ash tray helps to create less mess and allow you to enjoy more. It is way more cooler to keep a lighter than a cumbersome match box!

In this era where reform is taking place at a fast pace, having your hands on the best smoking kit. The above are the important items that you must keep in your smoke case. There are a lot of customizable smoke kit options where you can choose as per your needs and requirements. Most smokers research on what to keep and what to skip but here this list helps to create perfect doobie storage.

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The author has experience with smoking kits and hence writes to educate the readers about the various accessories present in one.