Computer science jobs are without a doubt one of the most sought after jobs currently in the market. They usually offer the highest pay when compared to other engineering fields. The industry demands a ton of skills from fresh computer science majors. The industry expects fresh graduates to think analytically and apply analytical thinking to develop systems and programs. They are also expected to troubleshoot problems.  

Along with analytical thinking, creativity is essential for computer science graduates that hope to innovate. Owing to the rapid rate of change in the technological world, developers need to be curious enough to keep up with the latest developments and upcoming technologies.  

Everyone has a limited amount of time and needs to prioritize where to spend it. Tools and technologies are a key part of moving quickly with quality on any software development project. In the current technological landscape, some of the most valuable technologies for a software developer to know are: 


Docker is a tool that is primarily used to simplify the process of creating, deploying, and running applications by using containers. Containers allow the developer to create a single package for an application with all the required components such as libraries and other dependencies. Thanks to the container, the developer can be sure that the application will run on any other Linux machine regardless of the customized configuration. Docker allows the applications to use the same Linux kernel as the system that they are running on. Docker gives a significant performance boost and reduces the size of the application, as it only requires applications to be shipped with things not already running on the host computer.  

Containerization helps software teams define the software factory built to stamp out parts assembled into flawless final products. Removing the majority of the friction around the deployment of a software product and subsequent updates encourages developers to deliver changes more often. As a result, teams get better at delivering software. 

Docker is a valuable tool for developers to be familiar with as it brings a lot of value to the development team and subsequently, the company. 

  • .NET

.NET is a framework that provides a set of programming guidelines that can be used to develop a wide range of applications that include web, mobile, as well as desktop applications. The .NET framework works with a number of languages such as C#, C++, VB.NET, and F#.  

.NET comes packaged with huge collections of predefined libraries that have included support for data structures of varying complexity. .NET also has specific libraries for security, database access, and encryption.  

.NET is primarily an object oriented programming language (OOP). OOP simplifies programming by making the code manageable, easier to test, and respond to recurring issues. OOP also helps eliminate unnecessary programming, which generally means less coding for developers. .NET development makes it possible to reuse code and components, save time and – subsequently – the cost of development. 

.NET developers with the MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) status are usually in high demand as they are renowned for their valuable skills. Attaining this status is very special, and proves you are a .NET professional with expertise in the framework. 


Machine learning currently is one of the most disruptive and in-demand technologies in the market. Machine learning today is used for a plethora of applications such as image processing, chatbots, natural language processing (NLP), and advanced applications like Google’s DeepMind network. Owing to the realization of such powerful applications, employer demand for talent with ML skills has already risen dramatically. 

 More and more companies are adopting machine learning and the demand is only going to go higher.  

Machine learning is a study of algorithms and statistical models that systems use to continually improve their performance on a particular task progressively. The future of machine learning looks promising and presents a great opportunity for developers with expertise in intelligent computer systems. There is a great demand for engineers and developers who are trained in technologies like deep learning and AI to match the machine learning requirements. 


Data analytics is becoming important and mission-critical to more and more businesses all over the globe. One of the greatest challenges they face is recruiting competent and skilled data scientists that can perform analysis on big data and extract meaningful insights out of it. 

Big data refers to datasets that are very large in magnitude and possess high complexity for traditional data processing and data management applications.  Big data became more popular with the advent of mobile technology and the Internet of Things, because people were producing more and more data with their devices. There are currently more than 4 billion people around the globe using the internet. There are also currently about 26 billion  IoT devices in the world. With such a high magnitude of data being generated each day, the demand of data scientists and professionals with knowledge in data science is going to continue rising.   


Major breaces and attacks in tech have become commonplace in recent times. Attacks and breaches have bought down companies and destroyed careers. Any device connected to the internet with sensitive information on it will attract malicious actors. Developers and engineers responsible for developing an application are responsible for the total security of the application and the sensitive data it holds.  

Ensuring security is a crucial aspect in the software development lifecycle and developers need to strive towards studying it better and putting to practice wherever possible.  

Programmers with coding practices that promote security are in high demand and are valued highly in the technological world.  


There is always a lot to learn in the tech world. Breaking down the options and prioritizing makes it more manageable. The tech industry is always innovating and the demand for highly-skilled, innovative, and creative CS graduates will be on the rise in the upcoming years. However, as much as the opportunities are present, so is the competition. It has become crucial for professionals to keep themselves updated with newer technologies as well as stay updated with the developments with traditional technologies such as Java software development or JavaScript web development.  

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Marina Pal is a renowned author and social media enthusiast.