When it comes to auto detailing services it’s better to only hire professionals with profound knowledge about different aspects related to the beautification procedure, lest an amateur will only add to the misery leading to undesirable after-detailing results. So, what are the common mistakes auto detailing professionals make? Get an inside story of what all mistakes lead to failure of an automobile detailing work

Find Out if They Are Using Dirty Rags

Unless they lack knowledge in the field, an auto detailing expert will ensure to not use a dirty rag to clean the car, in the first place. For example you can relate to instances when an auto detailer would use the same towel they used for cleaning the wheels, to rub the paint surface of the vehicle. Now, that’s a costly mistake! Upon using one and the same towel to rub the entire car can lead to scratches on the paint work. You want to know how? When cleaning the wheels of a car the dirt, gravels and grime that stay stuck in the wheels get trapped inside the fibres of the towel followed by which when the detailer applies the same cloth on the paintwork, the rough particles cause abrasions leading to imperfections. Hence it is advised of a detailer to use separate towels for designated areas.

Can Clay Bars Help Remove Scratches From a Surface?

Although only a few detailers will admit to this, but clay bars aren’t effective in removing scratches. So that these professionals don’t charge you extras for using clay bars which they might as well claim to be effective in removing abrasions or scratches, it’s vital you come to know about the truth. Clay bars do not contain any kind of abrasive element. Clay barring is applied when the paint appears rough and needs a smooth finish.

Can Clay Barring Eliminate Chances of Oxidisation?

You can talk to a renowned interior car cleaning professional in Brisbane regarding its actual use. Clay barring is not too helpful in eliminating oxidised patches. If the paintwork has experienced severe oxidisation, an expert will recommend you to get the car body, well polished by proficient car detailers.

Forgetting to use lubrication during clay barring is yet another major fault you should be wary of when seeking car detailing services from professionals. Some detailers offering services for a cheaper price may not tell you what they are up to doing with your car. They might just only use water along with the clay bar and simply opt out of using lubricants because the process will then turn costlier. However a good and reliable interior car detailing service provider in Brisbane will ensure adding lubricants and water while performing clay barring. Failing to use lubricants during the process will only lead to potential scratching and marring resulting in damage to the car’s paint work. To avoid contaminants from spreading and damaging the beautiful glossy finish of the paint work professionals must ideally be using lubricants in apt proportions.

These are some of the major car detailing mistakes all car owners should remain wary of.

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