You can see the typical Hindu style of weddings in Tamil Nadu. The traditions and rituals will start with the selection of the bride and the groom. There will be several matrimony websites for matchmaking such as Matchfinder that can let you select persons from your community also.
Pre-Wedding traditions of Uppiliya Naicker Caste
You can make use of Uppiliya Naicker matrimony website if you need a bride from that community. Let’s discuss the marriage rituals that take place after the bride or groom selection.
Nischyathartham is the typical engagement function of the Tamil people. It will be an event of confirming the marriage of the bride and the groom and announcing it to all the family members and the guests. A priest will carry out the proceedings of the function. A plate full of fruits, jewels, and other holy items will find a vital place in the event where both the families will exchange it. The groom will then put a ring on the finger of the bride. There will also be the announcement of the wedding date.
Panda Kaal Muhurtham
It is the beginning of the Tamil wedding ceremonies and is a function of welcoming the groom into the bride’s family. Each of the families will conduct poojas in their homes. The bride and the groom cannot see each other when this ceremony is happening. In most cases, the day before the marriage will be the Panda Kaal Muhurtham ceremony.
Mangala Snanam
You would be familiar with the traditional purification ceremony of the bride and the groom with a turmeric paste along with other holy items before the wedding. It is known as Mangala Snanam.
Kaashi Yatra
It is a common tradition in all States of South India. Here, a fun activity of the groom packing up his things and running away to Kaashi seeking moksha will happen. He will act like he has no more interest in the marriage and needs to attain a permanent bachelorship. Then the uncle or the father of the bride will convince him to stay back and cooperate with the ceremony.
Uppiliya Naicker Wedding Functions
A Tamil wedding is one of the simplest and most traditional forms of South Indian weddings. Both the families will decide on the place of the wedding, either a temple or a Mandap. On the day, both families will gather at the venue and the couple will be sitting on the central stage with a priest and a holy fire. The priest will chant some mantras and ask the couple to repeat them along with pouring some rice and flowers into them.
The traditional playing of Nadhaswaram is a typical identity for a Tamil marriage. Afterward, a sister or other lady from the bride’s family will take the Mangalyam (a yellow thread) with coconut, rice, and flowers known as archatha to get blessings from all the guests. Then the groom will tie the Mangalyam around the bride’s neck, and the couple will take three rounds around the fire, holding the hands.

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