With today’s busy lifestyles, we all deserve to relax from time to time. There are marijuana strains that will energize you for your daily activities, while some will make for a great breather after work. The Black Diamond Indica Shake is a strain that is very effective in unwinding and easing stress. Engaging and joyful, this herb possesses a moderate relaxing quality, making it the perfect nightcap.

Getting to Know the Black Diamond Indica Shake

The Black Diamond Indica herb originated from Northern California, a cross between the Diamond OG Hybrid and the Blackberry Indica. The result of this cross was an Indica-dominant flower that has small, dense buds and hints of purple coloration. Sweet and tasty, this marijuana strain has an aroma that features notes of berry coupled with the warm undertones of wood. Many people believe that the Black Diamond took on the forest aroma of the Emerald Region where it is born.

Containing a high amount of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), lab tests have shown that this strain have shown a psychoactive level of 16 to 24 percent. These numbers show that this flower is quite potent, and is better reserved for more experienced marijuana users. Black Diamond Indica seeds are not available commercially, but you might be able to get your hands on some clones.

Medical Benefits of Black Diamond Indica Shake

Although some people would opt to take the Black Diamond Indica Shake as a relaxing snack at the end of a hectic and tiring day, this herb offers more than just recreation. In fact, this sleepy flower is well regarded in the medical marijuana community. Patients suffering from excess inflammation and pain can get relief from this strain. The Black Diamond Indica Shake can be of help to those suffering from arthritis and many other chronic inflammatory issues.

Taking the Black Diamond Indica Shake is particularly beneficial to those suffering from mental health problems that respond well to high THC therapies, particularly patients with anxiety, ADHD/ADD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder/attention deficit disorder) and mood swings. It is also great for sleeping disorders and works excellently when consumed one hour before bed.

The Black Diamond Indica Shake Experience

It might be considered an Indica-dominant hybrid, but the Black Diamond Indica strain will not exactly knock you out. This flower leans more on the sedative side, all the while producing an upbeat and happy experience all around. Users can expect lots of laughter when taking the Black Diamond Indica Shake.

Relaxed and joyful, this flower is best used during late afternoon or evening. Those who are looking to get chores done or head to town for a weekend will find excellent use of this shake. Take note, though, that this flower is not best for focused work in the daytime. Only pick up this strain if you are ready to set aside work, kick back and relax.

Aside from taking it in the form of a refreshing shake, fans of medical marijuana can enjoy the Black Diamond Indica strain in various ways. One of which is with the use of oil pens that are available in select brands. It can also be consumed in the form of shatter, wax and other concentrates sold in many retailers.

Indeed, the Black Diamond Indica Shake does offer numerous benefits, which have proven to be particularly useful in today’s busy and tiring lifestyles. Keep in mind, though, that it might interact with any other medications you are currently taking, if there are any. Thus, it is best that you first consult your health care provider before incorporating this Indica shake in your daily routine.

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