Over the past few years, distance learning has emerged as a popular and an acceptable mode of acquiring academic credentials. With no traffic commute and money spent on fuel, an individual can add to his or her academic standing through distance learning.
Few advantages and disadvantages of distance learning are:
Advantages of Distance Learning
Flexible Pace

With an online learning system, students can access their course from anywhere provided they have an internet access and a computer. This enables students to study when and where ever it’s feasible for them without managing the class attendance hassle amidst of a busy routine.
No Travelling Costs

Signing up for online courses is an effective method of reducing gas /petrol expenses as most of the work is home based and since trips are saved going to and from campus, ample time is conserved.
Various Choices for Educational Institutions

In case one happens to live in a community with minimal college options, opting for various reputable institutions can be possible through distance learning. Distance learning in such circumstances would provide one with a broader educational context with a variety of course offerings compatible with one’s field.
Simultaneous Management of Job

Since distance learning courses are managed according to one’s own pace, usually it becomes easy to manage studies with job. Being able to focus on one’s job enables a person to take care of their recurring expenses, thus providing them with a stable living while completing their education online.
Opportunity to Gain Additional Skills

In the course of completing distance learning courses, one acquires a great deal of knowledge that was gained through browsing, surfing or just dealing with computers. That know-how can be applied to other surfaces of life.

Disadvantages of Distance Learning

One may be surprised to learn that there are few disadvantages of online courses when compared to the traditional mode of education which may have repercussions on different aspects of life.
Absence of Social Interaction

Students who are enrolled in distance learning programs often miss the aura of social interaction with teacher and their peers. Although distance learning students are required to participate in discussion boards, chat forum or via e-mail, but that differs greatly from the interaction on campus.
Inappropriate Format for Everyone

Not everyone is suitable for enrollment in correspondence programs especially if a person tends to lag behind their work, lacks motivation and requires individual coaching from their teacher. Some people learn only when they’re physically present in the class and assimilating all the information personally.
No Acceptance of Online Degree

At times, the viability of online degrees is doubted, and sometimes people see a stigma associated with it. It’s always a good idea to check with the corporate companies if they accept online degree or not to avoid any future consequences.
Complicated Technology Carrying Hidden Costs

Some people find unpredictable hidden costs in the course of pursuing online courses. At times, the technology employed is very complicated with a required beforehand planning of equipment and system set-up.
Non-Availability of Relevant Courses

Students pursuing a distance learning degree may not always find all the necessary courses available online. For instance one would find much easier to complete a psychology course online as compared to a technician course for which hands on practical training would be considered mandatory. So not all correspondence courses always fulfill individual course requirements.

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