Rugby is a body contact game. It’s a fast-paced, power game that demands not only the highest level of skill and stamina but tremendous power as well. Naturally, all the speed, stamina and power that the game demands takes a toll on the body, leading to muscular and bone-related injuries. Also, being a high voltage body contact game, the risk of injuries always runs high. All these have a negative impact on not only the performance of the players but in worst-case scenarios, they even cut short the careers of promising rugby players.

Under such circumstances, the players need comprehensive medication and medical attention to keep such injuries at bay. One of the most effective ways of keeping safe from those injuries is taking regular sports massage. Even when it comes to treating injuries sustained while playing rugby, sports massage plays a very effective role. On this page, we shall discuss the impact of sports massage on a rugby player’s career.

How does sports massage influence the physical fitness of a rugby player?

Generally speaking, sports massage therapy by specialists in Sydney like anywhere else helps to gain:

  • Cardiovascular fitness & endurance
  • Adequate overall agility & strength, (the massage helps the muscles to work to their optimal level)
  • Speed

Besides, in hindsight, sports massage also syncs mind, body and spirit, thereby helping to have a free mindset, which influences the on-pitch performance as well. We will come to the direct impact of sports massage on rugby players later on.

Common injuries sustained in Rugby

Rugby players, at the most cases, are found to suffer from thigh hematomas. It is the most common form of injuries for forwards and backs.

They also suffer from anterior cruciate ligament injuries and hamstring injuries. Besides, constant running and sprinting for prolonged periods would cause injuries like Tendinitis, Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome or shin splints, Bursitis. Tendinitis generally occurs at the ankle or knees with the latter being most commonly injured.

Advantages of Sports Massage Therapy

As in any other sports, regaining flexibility and strength following injury is the principal objective of any rehabilitation program. Regaining strength in neck and shoulder, hips, thighs, cuff muscles is extremely crucial. This is what sports massage therapy available in Enmore as in any other place will do. Besides helping these body parts to regain strength quickly, it will also increase the flexibility of the hamstrings as well as the hip flexors. Also, the massage increases the overall strength of these vital body parts, so much so that it reduces the chance of sustaining a secondary injury significantly.

How Does Sports Massage Impact the body?

All the injuries described above can be career-threatening in worst-case scenarios. They have an adverse effect on the performance and often lead to serious consequences, if not addressed by a qualified professional. This is where sports massage therapy comes into play. The benefits of sports massage therapy provided specialists in Stanmore include:

  • An adequate increase of blood flow along with muscle temperature reduces muscle stiffness and increases muscle compliance.
  • It also have a positive impact on the cardiovascular health
  • It improves oxygen supply to the lungs and the heart, which again helps in improved blood flow all over the body and increases stamina and agility significantly.
  • It removes Lactic Acid through improved muscular oxidation and diffusion
  • It also helps in the Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness (DOMS).
  • It targets the scar tissues, repairing the joint sprains and damaged ligaments.
  • It makes the body more resilient, thereby helping to prevent secondary injuries by altering the signaling pathways of the body that take part in any inflammatory process.

Last but not the least, sports massage in Marrickville will help in the reduction of the stress level and anxiety, and will help in the overall improvement of the state of the mood of the players. With a significant impact on the mind, body and spirit, the massage helps in the release of happy hormones that imbibes a positive vibe in the players and this has a significant impact on their overall performance.

Therefore you see, sports massage therapy goes a long way in not only prolonging a rugby player’s career but helps the sportsperson to perform better.

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