Reflexology focuses on various areas and points on your feet that connect to parts of your body. Applying pressure to these areas can help restore balance in your body. Reflexologists normally treat their clients feet in order to help them with a range of health issues. However, some reflexology practitioners like Julie Stuart on the Isle of Wight use reflex points on the hands as well. Here we are looking at the multiple health benefits of reflexology.

Relaxation Benefits

Reflexology opens up the neural pathways in your body which then floods the nervous system. This results in more neuron activity which relaxes your entire body. By having so much relaxation flowing around your system, reflexology can make you feel calmer in both your body and your mind. In this way, reflexologists are able to help with sleep disorders and can help your body get into a normal and healthy circadian rhythm.

Improved Nerve Functions

As our bodies age the nerve endings will become less and less sensitive. Because reflexology opens up the neural pathways it can help improve how your nerves function as well as the cells and organs around the body. Neural pathways are similar to muscles and are incredibly important in keeping your healthy and active.

Improved Brain Function

The nerves and neural pathways both open up during a reflexology session, meaning information can flow a lot quicker to your brain. This means you will be able to process things much faster, resulting in speedier physical and cognitive reactions. You may see a boost in your memory skills as well.

Increase Blood Flow

Receiving a reflexology treatment can increase your blood circulation around the body. Blood as well as the oxygen carried within it gets delivered to your organs much more efficiently because of this. The systems and organs around the body will function much better and your metabolism can also increase. Delivering more oxygen around the body thanks to reflexology also means that you will heal faster as it encourages the re-growth of cells.

Eliminating Toxins

Toxins build up in our bodies but by increasing the blood flow and circulation, these toxins can be moved on much more easily. This will help reduce the chances of you getting infections, diseases and other health conditions that come along with toxin build-ups. One of the most common toxins reflexology removes is in the urinary tract. This puts a stop to water infections by helping you eliminate build-ups more often.

Boosted Energy Levels and Metabolism

A session of reflexology can improve the health and functions of the organs in your body which results in a better metabolism. This boost in metabolism then helps you feel more energetic in your body. If you have been feeling sluggish lately, reflexology could be the answer for you.

Reduced Headaches

Many people who suffer with migraines on a regular basis swear by a reflexology pressure points for headaches. This is because it can relieve the tension in the muscles that result in these kinds of conditions. Stress and other factors can also manifest themselves into migraines and headaches and this stress can be eliminated during reflexology treatments.

Relieving Discomfort

Anyone who suffers discomfort from general aches and pains, during pregnancy or from a chronic illness can all reap the health benefits of reflexology. These treatments help the body to heal itself, helping you get back to normal and participate in day to day activities a lot faster than other therapies.

Reflexology is an ancient treatment that has been used effectively for centuries. However, it is important to remember that it is considered a supplemental therapy. You should use it alongside any medical advice your doctor has given you as well as prescribed medication. At no point should it be used instead of this.

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