For accommodating guests in a bar cum restaurant, you can’t just rely on providing quality drinks and delicious foods. You have to think beyond this thing. Experts say that comfort is crucial when anyone wants to hold guests in your restaurant. In short, you must invest in good quality furniture items such as industrial stools to make things right.

While searching for bar stool chairs, you can find a range of options. If you consider buying industrial-styled stools, you can rest assured of attracting your guests. It looks stylish as well as comes in vivid colour options. To make the right purchase, there are a few important factors that you have to keep in mind. Let’s discuss them in the next section-

Key Factors to Consider for Buying Industrial Stools

• Seat Height Matters

One of the first primary factors would be seat height. As you always want to provide the utmost comfort to your guests, the ideal seat height of stools ensures that users could sit comfortably at the bar counter for drinks. Experts say that 24-inch of seat height is ideal for a bar table height of up to 36 inches. For high bar counters of 42 inches tall, consider 30 inches high seat.

• Material Choices

There are so many options to select material for furniture items. For obtaining a natural look, you can purchase wooden stools. Other options include acrylic and metal bar stools. Considering the durability, longevity, and ease of maintenance of these products, metal stools are ideal. Also, they are lightweight compared to wooden furniture items.

• Swivel or No Swivel

In general, people often sit facing the bar. When they have to move in the opposite direction, there is a need for displacing the stool or creating an effort in another way. Buying stools with a swivel can be great because this feature enables users to rotate the seat even when they are sitting on them. In this way, you take a small step to enhance the comfort level of your guests.

• Product Price

You can’t select any product to save your money. As you are going to open a restaurant, you have to invest in quality furniture items. Consider your basic requirements and pick the right store by verifying the prices of products at different furniture shops. Make sure that you know the exact count of stools to buy. It is crucial when you don’t want to invest in anything extra.


Hope this information has cleared your doubts related to buying good quality industrial stools. It is one of the most comfortable types of stools because you can find footrests. Although the choice of adding this element is completely on your requirements, it is a way to enhance the comfort of users. Another important thing is selecting the right upholstery.

Do remember that leather seats offer comfort as well as give a luxurious feeling. It is costlier than stools with padded seats. So, consider your requirements and select the right furniture piece to get them for setting up your restaurant this January 2022. Hurry up!

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The author is a young architect. He has been associated with one of the reputed furniture-manufacturing companies in Australia. He frequently blogs on various topics including the advantages of buying industrial stools, how to select executive chairs, etc.