Chronic cystitis is a common urinary tract infection. Because this is a common disease, many men who do not understand it will think it is not a severe disease and often do not pay attention to it. Unexpectedly, if the condition is not treated in time, the patient will have repeated symptoms of frequent urination, urgency, pain in urination, lower abdominal pain, and other discomforts. Some patients may even have blood in their urine, which may be turbid.

If they are not treated in time, these symptoms may persist, and some may even worsen repeatedly, which will seriously impact the work and life of male patients. Some patients may even cause a series of psychological disorders, such as anxiety, depression, inattention, and insomnia, which are harmful to patients.

In addition, chronic cystitis can also bring more severe harm to men, such as:

1. Cause hematuria

If chronic cystitis is not treated in time, it will easily lead to the thickening of the capillaries in the bladder. If the thickened capillaries meet the action of external forces, they will cause blood vessel rupture, leading to hematuria.

2. Cause tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is one of the hazards of chronic cystitis. Many patients can not be effectively controlled after antibacterial treatment, and sometimes there is bladder irritation, which is likely to be suffering from renal tuberculosis. For those patients with a history of tuberculosis, if they still have symptoms of urinary tract irritation or abnormal urine sediment after active antibacterial treatment, this is an essential sign of chronic cystitis leading to renal tuberculosis.

3. Cause bladder stones

Bacteria can become the core component of stones. The bladder is stimulated by inflammation for a long time, and the bladder neck contracture forms bladder outlet obstruction, which can lead to bladder stones, which can aggravate cystitis, thus forming a vicious circle.

4. Induce bladder cancer

The bladder mucosa can easily induce bladder cancer under the long-term stimulation of inflammation. In clinical practice, about 85% of bladder cancer is caused by chronic cystitis.

5. Cause male diseases

Because the prostate, seminal vesicle, and bladder of men are adjacent, if chronic cystitis can not be effectively treated for a long time, it will also cause prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, and other male diseases, and even affect the sexual function and fertility of men. To recover to health as soon as possible, you can take natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, early detection, and early treatment.

6. Cause uremia

Under the long-term stimulation of inflammation, the bladder parenchymal cells will necrosis, resulting in the abnormal increase and excessive deposition of extracellular matrix in the tissue, which will lead to the continuous reduction of bladder volume, resulting in ureteral reflux, which will lead to renal edema and kidney inflammation, and even lead to renal necrosis and uremia, endangering the life of patients.

The above is an introduction to the effects of chronic cystitis. Men must pay attention to it and actively take treatment measures.

For the treatment of chronic cystitis, the primary way is to use drugs for appropriate treatment. You can choose some antibacterial medications for treatment. But it is important to remember that you should not use drugs at will. In terms of medicine, you must strictly follow the doctor's instructions.

Chronic cystitis can also be treated with traditional Chinese medicine, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It can effectively eliminate the patient's urinary tract and some pain symptoms. In addition, the treatment cycle of chronic cystitis is relatively long, and the diuretic anti-inflammatory pill has no side effects, making patients feel at ease.

Male patients can also choose physical therapy, massage, and other treatment methods. The specific way of treatment depends on the patient's symptoms and physique.

At the same time, the patient should also pay attention to the cooperation in daily diet. Patients can eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, such as winter gourd, laver, loofah, balsam pear, etc., which have a better diuretic effect. Some fruits, such as watermelon, grape, orange, and grapefruit, also have an excellent diuretic effect. Corn, mung beans, shepherd's purse, safflower, and other foods can also help alleviate the symptoms of frequent urination, urgency, and pain in urination.

During illness, you should eat more light liquid or semi-liquid diet. In the period of remission, you should eat nutritious or ordinary soft food. Rice porridge and millet porridge are healthy and easy to digest. They are good choices in the recovery period.

Patients with chronic cystitis should also pay attention to developing good living habits. Stay away from sitting for a long time at ordinary times, but walk appropriately. There is also the need to urinate on time. Holding urine will affect normal urination function and increase the chance of bacterial growth and reproduction if the urine stays in the bladder for too long.

Patients should also wash the genital area frequently, pay attention to the sanitation of the urinary tract, and prevent urethral infection. Wash your underwear frequently and try to wear loose cotton underwear.

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