Is this for real? Seriously - ok, the Ice Cream Diet apparently claims that it's possible to eat something obviously delicious, and a person is able to experience weight loss. Since all people, almost all, love to feast on ice cream; this sounds just incredible, doesn't it? We wanted to do a review of the Ice Cream Diet, and inquiring minds do want to know if they can "diet" successfully using the cold stuff.

We were a bit taken back when we read that the approach with the Ice Cream Diet is one of low caloric intake each day. Aside from your daily allotment of ice cream, you have to stick to mainly fruits, vegetables, lean meats and other high quality protein. One advantage of this diet is that, unlike many other low calorie diets, it gives you a reward to keep you motivated. We know the deal about ice cream, but it's not like it's devoid of nutrition, not completely. You can find calcium as well as some protein from the milk dairy ingredients in ice cream. So it really is accurate to say you'll gain a bit more in nutritional value from the Ice Cream Diet. There is a method to the madness behind the Ice Cream Diet.

The Ice Cream Diet approach also allows people, more importantly for women, to have another source of calcium; plus there are many kinds of ice cream and some healthier to eat than others. The calcium will only help, and what's more it has been shown that losing weight is aiding by adequate levels of calcium.

People can work against their own efforts simply by consuming too few calories plus eliminating dairy products. The book for this diet goes into detail why you really should derive your calcium from whole foods and not be so reliant on calcium supplements. The Ice Cream Diet gives you a way to lose weight while consuming enough calcium every day.

The critics say there isn't enough scientific evidence or testimonials to support the claims that the Ice Cream Diet really works. This is the new Trend in dieting. Advocates claim that the Ice Cream Diet is really effective. So if you decide to try this diet for yourself, you have to see for yourself if it works for you. Every diet out there has pluses and minuses, and we've made a good effort to be balanced. Many people have found success with it, so you may want to give it a try. But no matter what you use, the Ice Cream Diet or another, give it time so it's a fair trial and see what happens.

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