Mobile applications are a must for any business. Reaching the consumers on a day-to-day basis is important and with the number of smartphone users today, using mobile apps is the most convenient way.

With the variety of smartphones using different operating systems in the market, it has become necessary for the business owner to understand which type of mobile to develop for its company. The mobile apps are characterized in three different types.

1. Native Apps

Native mobile apps are particularly designed for a specific type of operating system. The name native comes from the fact that they are native to a particular device or platform. If an app is built for an android device then it will work only on an android device. It cannot be installed on an iOS device, Windows device, Symbian device, Blackberry device or any other device with another operating system. Technologies commonly used for building native apps are Java for Android and Swift for iOS. An example of a Native app is ‘Angry Birds’ which was first released only for an iOS device.

• Native apps are easily distributed in google apple app stores.
• Native apps easily interact with the features of the phone.
• Native apps are interactive and intuitive.
• Native apps are fast.

2. Web Apps

Web applications that deliver web pages on web browsers running on mobile devices are called as mobile web apps. These types of apps are usually written in HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. In web apps, all the personal data are saved on a server and with the help of an internet connection, it can be accessed easily. Flipkart Lite is one of the examples of the Web App. It is a type of progressive web app that has additional user functionalities like working offline, push notifications similar to native apps.

• Web apps are low-cost apps.
• Web apps can be accessed from anywhere and hence has a better reach.
• Web apps can be accessed through multiple browsers.
• Web apps use minimum memory space in the user’s device.

3. Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps are the combination of both the native app as well as a web app. Hybrid app lives in-app store and can take the advantages of the features of the device like a native app. They can also rely on HTML5 and accessed in a web browser like web apps. The technologies used in developing a Hybrid app are HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and PhoneGap. One of the most widely used hybrid mobile app is Instagram.

• Hybrid apps are cheaper than native apps.
• Hybrid apps can be used for all platforms
• Hybrid apps can access the utilities of the device using APIs
• Hybrid apps are faster to develop than native apps

Which type of mobile app to develop for a company solely depends on the requirements of the business! After deciding what type of app to build, deciding what language to use is also an important factor. STZ Soft is a mobile app development company having 8 years of experience in the field. STZ Soft is the mobile application development company in Mumbai and are experts in developing all types of apps.

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