Powders, tablets, tinctures, oils, and many more; herbal products come to you in many forms. And whatever way you consume them or specific to your requirement you use, there are two ways herbal items are produced and developed – as whole herbs or as extracts.

What are Whole Herbs?

As can be understood by the term, the whole herb means getting the herbal product from its basic forms such as stems, leaves, and roots. These are either grounded, dried and cut, or milled into powder to obtain the result which then is sold into the market or to the user.

Why Whole Herbs are Used?

Whole herbs are used because it provides the entire plant benefits to the end-user. Hereby, the plant chemicals called the phytochemicals to work in synergy together. The process is much simpler than getting the herbal extracts, thereby making the product much more cost-effective in comparison to the specific herbal extract.

Herbal Extracts

Herbal extracts are elements that are specifically extracted from a particular plant using solvents like chemical, water mix, alcohol, or other such liquid that helps to draw out the intended plant components. In several cases, the extracts can be inclusive of the entire spectrum of plant chemicals.

This can be observed on the packaging when you are buying from one of the best herbal extracts company. And these extracts are usually standardized marking on the base of consistency and potency.

What are the Different Types of Herbal Extracts?

Different types of plant extracts include:

Liquid Extracts

Also known as tinctures, these are now highly popular herbal extracts. It’s usually obtained by soaking the entire herb in a combination of liquid, usually water, and alcohol (vinegar, cider, or vegetable glycerine can also be used). This helps to extract certain chemicals out of the herb. These types of extracts are very concentrated and only a small amount is enough to provide you with the benefit that you are seeking. However, be ready for its bitter and unpleasant taste at times.

Dried Extracts
Herbs are soaked in a solvent that later gets evaporated, thus leaving you with a mixture that is powdered. This powdered form of plant chemical is usually mixed with a herb powder to gain consistency, and this resulting element is what is sold in the form of tablets, capsules and so. While you may be thinking the liquid extracts are powerful, the dried extract is usually much more powerful than the liquid counterpart.

Essential Oils
It is very much possible that you would have heard about essential oils and how beneficial these can be when used for a number of reasons and purposes. Well, the essential oils are also a type of herbal extract. This is done through the process of steam distillation which helps to remove the oil-based chemicals, creating a concentrated liquid. Essential oils are also highly potent and are usually used topically; however, you can find that some are used through inhaling or oral consumption way.

Liposomal Blends
This is a not so common type of herbal extract which is obtained by combining the phytochemical compound with liposomes (fat) that helps to sum-up the chemicals. Available in the form of tinctures or capsules, these are usually easily absorbed because fat coating prevents irritation to the stomach.

Now, as you have come to know about the types of herbal extracts, it will help you to gain your knowledge by digging a bit further into this subject with some common and key questions listed below.

Why it is said that herbal extracts should be consumed in consistency?

This is specific for the times when you are taking a herbal extract for a short-term condition or an acute health condition. You should consume the herbal extract in frequency, for conditions like arthritis, so that its levels are maintained in your bloodstream, which in turn will help you get your condition treated quickly and comprehensively. Herbal extracts must be taken between meals, and you must make it a habit to consume these for an extended period of time to get full benefits.

Which herbal extract form offers the most therapeutic benefits?

This is one question that usually all people ask when they come to know about different kinds and forms of herbal extracts. However, there is not a specific answer to this, as it depends on a range of factors and conditions. Is the product fresh? Does it contain all the constituents in ratio found in nature? Is it prepared specifically for your health condition? How convenient it is to consume? What is the shelf life? And so, there are many other factors that define how potent and therapeutic a herbal extract product can be for you.

To get the best result always make sure that you are buying from the best herbal extracts company so that you are getting a fresh and quality product.

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