Selecting an apartment to spend your life can be a tricky affair and needs a lot of patience and perseverance. However, there are several options that you can look forward to while choosing an apartment. One such option is a granny flat, which is one of the best possible apartments that you can customize as per your choice.

In the following lines, we will have a look at a few of the different types of granny flats that you can avail as per your preference. So if you are worried about how you can select the right apartment for your future life, we suggest you read this article to know about the influence of granny flats and how you can choose the right one for your benefit.


A detached granny flat is a secondary apartment that stands in sync with the primary apartment. It is one of the best investments as it helps to provide complete privacy to the people living in the separate dwellings. So if you are looking for custom granny flats in Adelaide, this can turn out to be a great option for you.


The attached one is joined with the main dwelling and fits perfectly with the building. It is an apartment perfect for those who want to live with their whole family altogether. A fencing surrounds the whole complex and makes sure that you have a lot of safety and protection while enjoying life with your loved ones inside granny flats in Adelaide.

With garage

This one is for those who own a car. The garage is meant to keep your car in complete protection while you dwell in the apartment in complete peace. There is another huge reason behind selecting this kind of granny flat. The perfect protection that you get here provides you with complete peace of mind. So the next time you are looking to get a granny flat, don’t forget to tell your custom home builders in Adelaide to provide you with a safe and secure garage.

Two storeyed

When there is not enough space for you to build a granny flat, you can opt for this one. It is not only unique in nature but also makes the view of the granny flat very modernised and in sync with the current trends. This is one of its kind granny flat and you should get it done so as to ensure that there is a touch of modern build with this flat and also a lot of security as well. So the next time you hire granny flat builders in Adelaide, don’t forget to tell them about getting you a two storeyed one. 

From the above lines, we can get a clear idea about the various types of granny flats and how they can be beneficial for you. These granny flat ideas depend to a great extent on your budget and your convenience and you should get them built keeping these two factors in mind.

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