What are the different types of apparel decoration techniques? What techniques do I have for my apparel decoration? If you beat your brains out trying to come up with a solution, then this blog is for you.
When it comes to decorating your apparel, there are a whole host of techniques available. In this blog we discuss the most widely used methods with you.

Embroidery is one of the oldest apparel decoration techniques which dates back to ancient Egyptian civilization. The difference is, then it was all done by hand but now high speed machinery is here for the purpose. Embroidery is decorative stitching in which multiple color threads are used to create a raised, decorative design on garments
It is mainly used for caps, towels, sweaters, blankets, shirts and jackets. Also, if you are planning to make promotional products in Vancouver, embroidery perfectly represents your brand logo for you.

Sublimation is an apparel decoration process in which you put your designs onto a special paper which is then heated and pressed on the garment to allow ink to become the part of fabric.
Cotton and polyester are the best options when it comes to the suitable material for sublimation.

Printing is one of the most common types of apparel decoration and a widely used way to transfer your artwork onto promotional products. It uses ink which is pushed through a stencil on textile. Separate stencil is used for each color to be printed on the garment.
It is an ideal decoration technique for T shirts, Sweatshirts, uniforms, jerseys, and sport apparel etc.

Appliqué is an apparel decoration technique in which fabric patches are sewn on the larger pieces to form a pattern on garment. Appliqué work is accomplished either by hand with the help of needles or high speed, precise, and laser cutting machines.

While doing Appliqué work it has to be kept in mind that cotton is not a good option to work on as it might catch fire from the heat. Twill, fleece, leather and marine vinyl are some of the great materials for it.

Debossing is an imprint method that works by pressing a metal dye onto the product material. It is opposite to the embossing which results in a design that is raised up from the surrounding of the garment
Debossing is for thicker materials like leather, jeans, and suede as it uses more pressure to create the design on the product. Be it your apparel or any promotional product, it perfectly creates your brand logo on them.

Heat transfer:
Heat transfer, also known as digital transfer, is relatively a newer decoration technique as compared to embroidery. In the heat transfer method, instead of directly creating the design as done in screen printing, a custom logo or design is made on a special paper which is then transferred onto the fabric using heat and pressure.

We hope this super condensed explanation of the topic has helped you get a better understanding about the types of apparel decoration. ,
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