Anxiety has taken the world by its knees, and there is no denying the fact. Every other individual – whether child or adult, is a sufferer and hence could not be ignored at all. On the other hand, multiple types of anxiety are still unknown to most of us.
What exactly are the types of anxiety according to an online therapist for anxiety, and how should it be cured. Here is a brief introduction to all of them.
People with Agoraphobia fear certain places or locations that make them feel powerless, trapped, or embarrassed. This may lead to panic attacks as well and hence should be avoided at all costs.
Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)
The next on the list is Generalized Anxiety Disorder or as commonly known as GAD. In this disease, people experience anxiety even for the most common activity.
In most cases, the worry is much greater than the actual problem and may show physical symptoms like headaches or stomach upset, or trouble sleeping. This thus should be avoided at all costs through medications and other recommended activities by the online therapist for anxiety.
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a continual experience that leads to anxiety. The person may know about the disorder but would perform the same activities repeatedly, which leads to anxiety. Some examples of OCD include washing hands or checking on the temperature.
Panic Disorder
Panic disorder causes repeated rounds of fear and anxiety, which may peak every few minutes. Some of the common symptoms of a panic attack are:
Feeling of looming danger
Chest pain
Difficulty in breathing
.. and so on.
This list can go on and on and hence should not be ignored at all costs. However, the online therapist for anxiety suggests regularly consult them online to avoid any sort of mishap.

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