Running an online business is no easy job. Apart from choosing an appropriate e-commerce platform, you will have to eventually start selecting other software applications as your business grows. For instance, you will be using accounting software such as QuickBooks to handle financial records. As your customer base increases, you might use a CRM tool such as Salesforce to keep a track of customer interactions. Many business organizations use a PSA tool such as ConnectWise to sell and serve their customers in a more efficient manner.

Irrespective of the number of applications you use to run your online business, it is important that they are well-integrated. Using these software applications as disparate systems will actually make your entire organization inefficient and unproductive. In fact, using them as standalone systems would be one of the most foolish decisions you could ever make.
A well-integrated system will combine data from multiple sources to produce meaningful and valuable information. Another advantage is that you don’t have to move data manually from one system to another. An integrated system completely automates this process. A single click allows you to transfer data to the desired location. With the integration, two-way data exchange is possible between the source and target, completely eliminating duplicate or double data entry.

Following are the Different Online Integrations:

QuickBooks Integration

This type of integration will allow you to connect your QuickBooks accounting tool with your e-commerce or ERP software. QuickBooks integration comes with plenty of benefits. For instance, you can import your orders, customer data, shipping charges, taxes from your e-commerce platform into QuickBooks with a single click. Say goodbye to manual bookkeeping and sync your QuickBooks account automatically with your online store. Ensure accuracy all the time in your QuickBooks.

ConnectWise Integration

ConnectWise is a popular PSA tool that allows organizations to manage their core business processes in the most efficient manner. Key software modules in ConnectWise include resource management, project management, customer relationship management (CRM), and time and expense management. ConnectWise integration will ensure faster ticket resolution, drive business efficiency, simplify workflows, and increase profitability. ConnectWise PSA integration is particularly useful for MSPs as it helps them to boost security automation and visibility.

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce, one of the most sought-after CRM tools, is often integrated with an e-commerce store. With Salesforce CRM integration, complete order history of any customer can be automatically synced into customer accounts. Customer and shipping information can also be imported automatically into Salesforce. Since sales reps using CRM will have ready access to important information, they can better handle customer requests.
An efficient customer support mechanism is guaranteed when you integrate CRM with your online store. Also, based on a customer’s order history available in CRM, you can design effective personalized campaigns and increase sales.

Autotask Integration

Autotask, an automated professional services automation (PSA) software for MSPs or resellers, is commonly used to keep track of IT issues. Autotask is often integrated with quoting software to streamline activities. Autotask PSA integrations with quoting tool help you to connect a sales quote with any opportunity in Autotask. If the sales quote is converted into an order, the opportunity status is automatically updated. Integration also allows you to synchronize e-commerce catalog with Autotask inventory.

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