Uterine fibroids medically termed as leiomyoma are benign tumors found mostly in women over the age of 35. Although non-cancerous, the uterine fibroids can cause several problems such as heavy and painful menstrual bleeding, painful sexual intercourse and urinary problems. Heavy menstrual bleeding can result in anemia and iron deficiency. For this reason, it is highly imperative for patients suffering from fibroids to get them treated. While there are several other methods of treating fibroids, surgery remains the most trusted and the most convenient method of removing fibroids.

Fibroid Surgery in India has become the most popular way of treating the uterine fibroids. Patients not only from India, but even from other countries come to the Indian hospitals to get their fibroids removed surgically. The reason for choosing India as the preferred destination for fibroid surgery by the international patients is that India provides a range of surgical procedures to tackle the problem, depending upon the severity of fibroids. Moreover, considering the low cost of surgery, high quality medical service comparable to that of any International hospital and the presence of dedicated and skilled surgeons in India, patients find it safe and secure to get Fibroid surgery in India.

The Surgeons in India may choose to perform a specific type of surgery for the treatment of fibroid depending upon the severity of the fibroids and the physical health of the patient. As mentioned there are several surgical procedures that can be used to treat fibroids. Of these, hysterectomy is the commonest of the surgical procedures. Hysterectomy refers to the removal of the uterus which removes the uterine fibroids along with it. However, it is important to remember that undergoing a hysterectomy means that the child-bearing capability of the patients ceases. Hysterectomy may be performed through the vagina or the abdomen, with the recovery time varying in both cases. While in vaginal hysterectomy a patient recovers within a few weeks, she may take twice the time in case of abdominal hysterectomy.

Myomectomy is another type of Fibroid Surgery in India. It is similar to hysterectomy on most aspects except that it is a better option for patients who suffer from a less severe fibroid condition. The surgery is mostly performed through the abdomen. Myomectomy is considered a better treatment method to remove fibroids in cases where the severity of the fibroids is less and the patient is unwilling to let go of her child bearing capability. However, it must be understood that in case of myomectomy, there is the chance of reoccurrence of the fibroids as they may not be removed by the root.

Yet another method followed by the Surgeons in India for removing the fibroids is that of uterine fibroid emobolization. The procedure involves the obstruction of the arteries that supply blood to the tumor. Embolization involves placing a catheter inside the artery to block it radiologically. With the blood supply being cut off, the fibroids start to shrink. This procedure of fibroid removal is less invasive and therefore, patients recover faster than in case of myomectomy or hysterectomy.

Besides the basic procedures mentioned above, there are others methods of Fibroid Surgery in India as well. Indian Med Guru is the leading medical consultancy firm, which is associated with the best hospitals in India and can be contacted for information and association with any of the hospitals for a specific medical treatment.

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